Wednesday, April 25, 2007

first time

i was feeding my precious little ball of a baby and i started to read the blogs of my dear "mother" friends such as emery jo and flo oakes and i was inspired to start my own. theres a time every weekend morning (and some weekdays, like today) that my little family is sleeping without me... arabella and i usually wake up early and talk and play while my eyes are being held up by a tiny bit of might in me, but mostly by that beautiful smile that makes my heart melt because i know that even though she can't really understand yet... she's smiling because she loves me and misses me. this morning was especially fun because she's learned to move and thinks its funny... i'll lay her on my tummy, tummy to tummy, and she'll laugh when i kiss her cheek, then roll down my side onto her back. she'll then proceed to roll even farther into "tummy time" on the bed, then get frustrated because there's nothing to chew on... but she'll cheer up when i attack her little face with kisses and ask "what are you doooing poooopie???". soon she'll start to have these pauses in between our lovie times where she'll just stare.. and stare and stare.... this means she's about to drop off into dream land... but this morning before we got to that stage i set her with her toys while i made myself some yummy eggs and soy sausage.... only every time i turned around i didn't know where she was because she had either rolled behind the curtain next to the sliding glass door, or under the table next to the couch... and fast. its time for something... a playpen? a walker? i dont know what, but something to keep her from rolling away while i make breakfast. when i came back and sat next to her to eat my yummies she started to drift... one second was kicking and waving her arms, the next a haaaazy stare... i finish my food and pick that pumpkin up, that's when i got to the blogs. so here i am in what i think is one of the most precious times of the day, when the two most perfect people in the world rest their little heads while the one that loves them the most has a moment to read, think, write... or just look at their beautiful faces and get blown away by Gods grace. they are my world.