Tuesday, September 30, 2008


i was trying to explain to seth why i love edward so much... so much that i would make this...

and i was like, 'he's just so dangerous, but he loves bella... like he could just kill her in a second'

and he just laughed and said 'yea, i could kill you in a second. easy'

i guess that wasn't the best argument as to why i like him.

Monday, September 29, 2008

papa bear

just a couple cutie pie things...

we always have said that seth, and his brother and dad look like bears. that seth looks like a happy bear. ... we haven't told arabella this, because ... why would that come up? anyway....

we asked her what mommy looked like and she said 'gramma' which means seth's mom, not mine cause my mom is 'nana' funny. our hair is the same color.

and then we asked her what papa looked like and she said 'bear' and we said 'bear?' she nodded and said 'yes, my bear'

so cute!

and then today when the garbage truck came was watching and holding baby up to the window to watch saying 'see baby?' and then when it left she waved and yelled 'bye love me!'

Sunday, September 28, 2008

nerd alert.

so it might come as a shock to some of you, but i am OBSESSED with the twilight series. i knew a lot of ladies were into it and i had some telling me i should be but when someone tells you you'll really get into a story about a teenage vampire, you dont really buy it. my neighbor read twilight and i was like 'oh no' and when she was done she showed up at my door with the book, for me to borrow. i hesitantly took it, not even knowing if i was really going to try it out.... i read it in two days. if you know me, you know that's.. um... INSANE. i just finished the second book, which i read in ONE day. i stayed up til 4am reading it. ... i dont have the third book and my heart is aching because i miss edward and bella. ... so yea, i'm a huge creep now. i never thought i would get sucked in, but i'm in, and i love it... and i've even passed the addiction along.

i mean, at least i'm reading.

even if i'm falling in love with a fake teenage vampire. wow.

Friday, September 26, 2008

i love rabbi's

just a heads up- i tried to lace this post with as many links as i could.

marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman went on oprah talking about his book The Truth About Cheating and he talked about the reasons men gave as to why they cheated. the majority of men cheated because there was something missing in their relationship... that they didn't feel appreciated etc. he emphasizes that most men aren't cheating for the sex... then he gives examples of things wives can do to prevent they're men from straying....

a lot of women freaked out saying he was 'blaming women' for men cheating and a lot of them said it is just about the sex. .. this really chapped my ass as i like to say, because it just shocks me that women would first of all feel better about putting the opposite sex in a category where they are feeling-less pigs than understanding that they themselves could have had a part in driving their husbands away and learning how to change that and become better partners. i dont think cheating is excusable, but i refuse to accept this idea that the woman that a cheating man is married to has NO responsibility in the relationship getting to the point where a husband would even think about cheating. that's ridiculous. gary talks about the fact that there are definitely men who cheat because they want to and those are the guys who show no remorse.... but that these are not the majority of the men who do cheat... the majority are men who are normal guys, work all day long take care of their family and want to feel appreciated for that.... and any person who is not appreciated or understood long enough could be easily tempted to make a mistake or do something otherwise out of their character.... i think its soooooo good that he's trying to teach women what men need, its not about who's fault the cheating is, because yes in the end its always the one who cheats fault that they actually took action, but its about giving your partner what they need so they dont get alienated over time. ... because in a lot of cases that leads to a terrible mistake. lets fix it before it happens is what he is trying to say and if we want to do that then we have to create healthy marriages where partners feel appreciated by each other.. and he only talked about men that day but he is writing a book about why women cheat too. anyway. it just makes me annoyed that so many women can't focus on the whole point of what he's saying, that our men need our approval and our appreciation just as much as we need theirs and if they dont have it they might look elsewhere for it, because they're human. like us. the thing is too that most the women who are angered by it are women who have been cheated on, but its like.... can they really not see that that is just the heart speaking from bitterness? not wanting to admit that things you did lead him to that place? take the advice and make your next relationship better, healthy...

when you're in a relationship you are never alone, everything they do affects you and everything you do affects them. men are not just mindless pigs who only follow their dicks.... and to make them out to be such only shows weakness on our part ladies... and obviously further proves the point that if we think that way our men will be misunderstood and left to find that understanding and appreciation somewhere else.

and really was it that big of surprise to know that men need that continuous approval and appreciation for the things they do day in and day out like all people do?

----Although Gary discusses how wives of cheaters can factor into affairs, he says he wrote the book to empower women. "It's not about blaming the wife. It can't be. I mean, cheating is ridiculous. It's wrong. And you can't justify it," Gary says. "My book is about one thing. It's really about empowering women. If I can give you knowledge that says that I could have proof that if you do certain things, you can lead your relationship to a better place, that will be much better for you as well because it's not just about stopping tragedy. It's about building a much more mutually beneficial relationship."----- if this doesn't make sense to you and you're in a relationship, the relationship probably isnt as healthy as you think....

its weird that people dont think this way to me, i feel like if seth cheated i would definitely be pissed but i would know i had a part in getting him to that point. his fault in it would be the action he took after feeling the way he did, my fault in it would be the things i did to make him feel the way he did. that doesn't seem crazy or hard to understand to me, it seems like duh... that's what relationships are all about. i'm here to make seth happy and feel the best he can, to make him feel like he has value and worth and that he's going into work every day for a reason, a good reason... and he is here to do the same... thats how people survive and its not just in marriage, people thrive off of feeling important and appreciated, so when they dont it doesn't seem illogical to expect them to do irrational things to feel important and appreciated. that doesnt make those irrational actions right, but its a lot more complicated than just right and wrong.

i certainly think there are guys who cheat cause they are idiots.... but most men aren't just idiots and i feel like women make them out to be a lot and i dont like it.

anyway did any ladies see that show? and what did you think of what he had to say?

for that matter did any guys see that show? or have something to say on this subject?

i pretty much always love what rabbi's have to say... above any other religious leader i've heard from, i respect them. another awesome rabbi with super good advice that i love is rabbi shmuley boteach.
i used to watch him on shalom in the home. awesome.

what these rabbi's have to say is what our society needs because our marriages and our family's have taken a dive of death.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

brownie contest 2008

seth and i agree that neither of us have ever had homemade brownies that are as good as or better than box brownies. for us homemade is always better, except when it comes to this.... and my lovely neighbor loves making boxed brownies, which we thoroughly enjoy, but definitely shouldn't.... (not that we should even be enjoying homemade brownies as much as we have lately... erin, you're killin me. i love it dont stop.... no do stop.... i mean dont... but really do... ahhh) anyway... i'l like to figure out how to make brownies that are as good as the box... if you have a recipe that you think qualifies for this, send it my way ibloomblaum@hotmail.com. i will test these recipes and find a winner. i will also be searching online for one that looks good and be trying to come up with my own recipe. we will see! let the brownie search begin!!!

ok... and this JUST happened....

in this one she's saying 'soooo pwetty'

my cute girl.

i went to the bathroom and the shower looked like this...

which is weird cause its usually always closed....

so i looked inside.

evidently some friends needed a bath.

and lately ara has been really into putting her baby, bear, princess, animals etc. its cute cause she does exactly what i do when i put her to bed.

she prays 'god, baby, bear, nigh nigh. claire soren. aaaamen'
then she says 'pat back' and turns them over and pats and rubs their backs.

and the cutest papa and poopie in the world

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

baby shower and such.

the shower was great... erin planned really fun games and i got a lot of things i really need which is soooo helpful cause we're hurtin in the money area and can't get all the things we need on our own. ...
here's some pictures...

the food.
i probably ate um... 8 of those cupcakes. yikes.

this is ara participating in the trivia game. haha.

me and ara opening nola's carseat.

and some of me and my little lady...

arabella trying on danielles scarf and chillin with brian

and nola and my belly in all its glory at 34 weeks.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


so ara kept asking me for yogurt today and i told her if she finished her beans and rice from lunch then she could have yogurt.

i went to the bathroom.

i came out to find her in the kitchen with the fridge open drinking out of the yogurt container!

there was yogurt on the floor and also the container of plain yogurt, which i'm sure she had tried and realized it was not what she was looking for.

so i took the yogurt away and started to clean up the floor, i told her to back up a little.. she stood there watching me... she kept saying 'mmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm' so i turned to look at her and she was bent over licking yogurt off her toes.

we put the yogurt away and she ate her rice and beans.

it was pretty freaking cute though...

Monday, September 22, 2008

doubting skylana

me and seth love this song by nickel creek called doubting thomas. we listened to it today and i had to stop myself from crying... cause i hate when i have feelings. but i just relate to it so much... where he says 'i do not feel safe'... i feel that so much of the time and i dont really think i ever could feel safe now. i dont really know how to explain what i'm saying... just that it was so good to feel safe when i believed something, whether it was true or not i didn't care cause i was convinced it was... it may have been false security, but it felt secure. now i dont know how i could ever feel that way. i feel like my eyes were opened to reality or something. reality that we dont know, we never will... and even if we believe as much as we can, we can still never be sure, and that alone makes me feel unsafe... and that's just life, its part of being human. it will always be that way... but somehow i still have something in me that wants to try.. try to find the truth, knowing i will never be sure.

What will be left when I've drawn my last breath
Besides the folks I've met and the folks who've known me
Will I discover a soul-saving love
Or just the dirt above and below me

I'm a doubting Thomas
I took a promise
But I do not feel safe
Oh me of little faith

Sometimes I pray for a slap in the face
Then I beg to be spared cause I'm a coward
If there's a master of death
I bet he's holding his breath
As I show the blind and tell the deaf about his power

I'm a doubting Thomas
I can't keep my promises
Cause I don't know what's safe
Oh me of little faith

Can I be used to help others find truth
When I'm scared I'll find proof that it's a lie
Can I be led down a trail dropping bread crumbs
That prove I'm not ready to die

Please give me time to decipher the signs
Please forgive me for time that I've wasted

I'm a doubting Thomas
I'll take your promise
You've always kept me safe
Oh me of little faith

Sunday, September 21, 2008


we went to agape today.

there were a lot of black people there, which was really really refreshing, which may sound weird, but when you live in a town where there's hardly any diversity around and then you finally see some, it just feels how it should be. plus if you know me you know my two favorite kinds of people are asian people and black people...

the worship leader was AWESOME.

not my kind of church (if i do have a kind) but you could see the people's hearts on their sleeves and i loved that. i appreciate when people are genuine and that's what i saw there.

* side note: super awkward. there was a baby that was probably like 4 or 5 months there and she had a big red birth mark on her face.... and you know ara with her colors... so the whole time we were talking to her dad arabella was pointing saying 'red red'! ahhh. and the dad was like 'what's she saying' seth diverted him... but we felt so bad. i know there will only be a million more embarrassing or uncomfortable things that come out of her mouth but... this is the beginning.

Friday, September 19, 2008

complete SHOCK.

i am NOT EVEN exaggerating one bit and that kinda scares me.

me and arabella were sitting on the couch and we were looking at our nails cause we painted them pink yesterday and out of NOWHERE she starts pointing to my fingers and says 'two, fwee, fou, fye (five)' !!! and if that wasn't enough then she started counting her babies fingers and she went 'two, fwee, fou, fye, sic, sev, eight, nye'.

i mean i know she missed one and ten but...
i almost crapped my pants. literally.

i mean we've counted with her and all but.... i just think that's super crazy.

and when i say we've counted with her i mean one day a while ago we were counting with her, its not like something we do everyday like colors were....

maybe its normal for her age, i dont know... i never know.... you tell me.....

i'm gonna get a video of it soon and i will post it.


so two people have brought this commercial to my attention.

first of all i'd like to say wtf?

commercials for preservatives now?

and secondly i'll tell you what they say about it ...

how over processed it is and how it could affect your liver...

its affecting the sky rocketing obesity rate in america in a bad way..

it makes us eat even more than we need...

oh and... its refined, processed 'sugar' (which normally is bad enough for you) made from most likely genetically modified corn... which is a whole other subject... gmo foods.

this outraged aunt lisa, it outraged flo, and it outrages me that our society will continue to find ways to lie to itself so it can revel in its own self destruction.

i LOVE how they made the woman who, yea without back up, but still was actually trying to look out for the health of the children was made to look like an idiot. so its idiotic to try and eat healthier? even if you dont have all the answers?

i could go on for an hour about how people shouldn't even be giving their children regular 100% juice that has NO added sugar in it.... but to think its ok to give them juice or whatever the hell that was with not only added sugar, probably no real juice, but also genetically modified corn syrup used as an artificial sweetener?

have we no morals about what we put into these precious little bodies of the children who depend on us?

the people who made this commercial aren't people who dont know what they are talking about. they know, they know EXACTLY what they are doing.

this is NOT ok.

my ass is officially chapped.

i would challenge anyone who doesn't agree with me to stop eating ALL food with high fructose corn syrup in it for 3 months and just see how much weight you would lose and how much better you feel inside.

a little seth and a big me.

she loves to have performances for me on the coffee table.

33 weeks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

breaking the rules.

before arabella came i had a very strict code of rules for life, and my daughter... i still have a lot of rules left... dont worry they will never all be gone.
these rules include things like:

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches being cut into triangles and tuna sandwiches being cut into squares.

never put a tomato next to ketchup or cheese next to mustard.

(there are A LOT of sandwich rules)
most of them are based on stereotypes that i should not discuss here and would only discuss with my very very close friends... see i can kind of be private about some things....

and then theres all my girl stereotypes... dont get all 'this is so controversial' on me cause honestly i know they're outrageous, but they're in my mind so... here goes...

my rules for my daughter... so she's not butch of course

love pink first, because other 'girl' colors like orange and yellow are second rate girl colors.

dont play softball. i dont think i need to explain this one.

mismatched socks... no. LOVING socks. gross. toe socks... i die a little inside.

i'm sure there are soooo many more that i dont even notice cause they seem totally reasonable and normal to me. i wouldn't know they're not unless seth told me... but these are a few... anyway i was always scared how i would be with my child because i have such intense control issues and it wasn't easy for seth and i when we first got married... reloading the dishes every time he did it, making sure he was putting his mayonnaise to the edges on his sandwiches and cutting them in the correct shape so i wouldn't have a panic attack.... god bless him for marrying me. and then staying with me. anyway we got through it, but i was afraid that when i had a child i might try and put these things on them because its easy to do with someone so moldable...

but to my wonderful surprise... i dont.

not one bit.

i mean it all started when she broke the rules by being born on a boy day....
december 17th.


she found her favorite colors, yellow and brown. if someone told me i would have a daughter whose favorite colors would be yellow and brown, not pink... i probably would have just cried my self to sleep. but now, i LOVE it. i mean what a little weirdo that she loves brown? kids never love brown.... can they even see it that well? super cute.

for now she's not playing softball but she is obsessed with socks and pretty much ALWAYS ones that dont match.

at the least i thought when life shattering things like this would come up i might have to go through a process to be ok with it, but theres not even a hint of sadness or need to control... i just love it, because she does.

she makes everything cute... i bet if she wanted her pb&j cut into squares or asked me to buy her a pair of rainbow toe socks i'd do it. and love it.

i know that my need for control comes from a childhood that always felt out of control, well because it was. people get annoyed at how weird i can be about stuff but i know its not my intention and wasn't my fault... ive always wondered how God would finally help me lose control, but not feel 'out of control'.. like i'm in utter chaos, can't breathe and am about to die, and this is it.

nothing makes you a better human than having a child. if you let it.

they make you do all the things you never thought you could, they teach you what true unconditional love is, what true selflessness is, they reflect you... and if that doesn't make you want to be better, i dont know what would.

*for all you wondering how resting is going... just that one day of resting and sleeping in and all changed everything soooo much... i had been having menstrual like cramps ALL day on monday and until the night... it was freaking me out cause i just felt like i didn't know what was going on with my body, and usually my body is no mystery to me. i just kept crying and worrying. i couldn't fall asleep cause i was in so much pain... seth prayed for me and i finally fell asleep. and in the morning i felt a million times better. my pelvis still hurts like it has for weeks... but the cramps are gone and that's all i needed. mary told me to be go ahead a do the normal things i would besides exercising and just pay attention to my body... if anything changes then we'll go from there... but for now i'm good.

Monday, September 15, 2008

frankie says relax

the past few weeks i've felt a lot of pressure in my pelvis/ on my cervix and this past week its gotten really really bad... to the point where most of the time, its really painful to walk.... and at night every time i turn from one side to the other its super painful and i feel popping in the back of my pelvis... the other night i was having cramps (like menstrual cramps) and randomly i feel sharp pains on my cervix.. i've also been having a lot of braxton hicks lately, which is totally normal but just with everything else made me feel a little bit worried, cause i never even had them with arabella....

so anyway today i thought maybe i should call my midwife and ask her about it... she had me come down to see her as soon as i could. she checked my cervix and stuff... ha.. and said it was very soft, almost effaced and open slightly on the outside... she said that usually with a second baby its expected to be softer and open earlier etc, but that this is very early and with everything else she wants me to be on 'bed rest' or as much relaxing as i can be the next few days to see how that affects it all... she said there's definitely a risk of pre term labor, which would be horrible... but she said she thinks that maybe this is all just because i'm fatigued, so hopefully if i get rest it will get better.

so this is gonna be hard. i'm the WORST at just laying back and letting other people do all the stuff... plus its not that easy to do with a little muffin runnin around....

are you still doing the 'case of the mondays' contest travis?


we went to avila valley barn...

she was kind of obsessed with the rooster... and she also really loved the 'goaks' (goats) one of whom was going to have a baby just like mama... which she also liked.

Sunday, September 14, 2008






that's what i started to feel this thursday when seth came home and told me....

... so we bought a condo 3 years ago. we had inheritance money from seth's grandfather and we thought it would be good to put it in something, as most do. we bought at the peak, we got a loan in seth's parents name as they graciously offered since we had no credit, we didn't think long about the decision we were making, we didn't exactly make it in unison, and we got into a very bad loan.

the past 3 years have been everything i have dreamed of as far as my husband, my marriage, my daughter... but there has been a burden on our hearts everyday knowing our house was costing more than we could afford and going down rapidly in value. as time has passed we became more and more stuck... and at the same time our family has grown. it has blown us away how somehow seth has worked very hard and made/been blessed with a successful graphic design company without which we would never have even begun to be able to survive... but at the same time knowing that with as much as he makes would shouldn't be struggling to survive every month and the only reason we have been is this 'home' ... the place we're supposed to feel at complete peace in.

recently we had decided to take the 50,000 dollar loss, end up with a 20,000 dollar loan and nothing to show for it, if there was any way we could sell the place at all. before we got it on the market two condos in our complex went up for sale for 20-30,000 dollars less than we were hoping and praying to be able to sell our house for.

so here came the news seth brought home...

his parents decided to take over the house for us.

to rent it out and wait however long for the market.

really in the end this somehow works out to be the only 'win, win' for the four of us... and for seth and i it feels like our life as a family is really going to start now.

i've felt like we've been on the edge of being our own for so long, and after having arabella there was this immediate feeling of there being something more to our family... a growing that couldn't take place here, in this home, in this town we've always known... everything the same.

we have dreamed of moving to a place we love that is new and our own... a place where we become a family all our own and have to work that out without all those who know us so deeply right there. an independence.

this dream has finally come to be reality because of the love seth parents are pouring out on us through this life changing gift.

i can't describe how i feel, i have never felt so thankful, so freed, so hopeful ... and my feelings haven't all surfaced yet either....

i just know that this is big and it is so good.

its love and its God.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the best


as you can probably see my blog is super cute now.

my sweet husband made it for me.

he really is the best to me... making me a blog, waking up at 6am with ara every day and letting me sleep in, always being ridiculously understanding even when its almost impossible to get me.

i am so in love with him and so thankful for him.

and i'm so excited for this new blog he made me, what a sweet sweet.

dont you think?

we just did this...

and i HAD to post pictures.

let the leaves change

second blog right in a lil row... but i dont like mixing two separate ideas or issues.

i love summer. i have loved summer better than any other season my whole life. i love warm nights, i love scorching hot days, i love the sun staying up late, i love passing empty schools knowing the kids are at the pool or playing with their friends...

but i am READY for fall and even winter.. i dont even think i have ever had the feeling of wanting summer to end. maybe its because i'm pregnant and i can't even take a walk outside since its 96-100 everyday, or that i constantly have to tell my daughter 'its too hot outside' when she wants to go out, or maybe its that the fall and winter now remind me of the beginning days of arabellas life... but whatever it is i'm so ready... and this past week it has gotten cold finally! its been like 75 during the day and 50s at night... i love having to use my blankets on my bed.. and today i got to wear a sweater!!!

i'm excited to have nola in the cold and get to lock ourselves inside and be cozy as we get to know our new little family member. maybe this is me transitioning to a person who really will be able to live in bend. now if our house could only transition into a house that can be sold....

we could go.

ara bara update

i love that she loves wearing necklaces barrettes and boots with nothin but chonies.

we went downtown this morning and her favorite thing is going on the elevator in barnes and noble... so here she is as a big girl pushin the button, waiting with her purse and riding the elevator. then... the dreaded... she picked out a book and it was a cheetah girls book. yikes. (pretty much seth's least favorite thing in the world. besides maybe the videos from my last post , oh wait thats our most favorite thing)

and then my favorite thing happened... we were walking holding hands and i felt her stop i turned around and she had her head laid against a metal ledge... when she lifted it up we walked away and i said 'what were you doing' and she said 'huggies' and then she said 'kisses!!!' and she turned ran back to the metal ledge and kissed it. she came back to me, we walked away and then she pretty much kissed and hugged everything we passed. i took some pictures cause i was dyin. her little heart has so much love to give she had to give some of it to inanimate objects just to use it up.

brick walls...


shoe displays...




it was a fun morning.

Monday, September 8, 2008


all i know is that if jesus was here today i'm pretty sure this is where he would be, and he'd be super pumped.

time out.

arabella came up to me and said 'baby, time out'

i said 'baby needs a time out?'

she said 'yes'

'why?' i asked

'baby, nono fings' (baby, no no things)

'baby was doing no no things?'


hmmmm... where have i heard this before?

and just for future reference arabella calls home 'homo'

she's the best.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

i dont know

i was feeling bummed last night because i had a realization that every once in a while slams back into me like a ton of bricks.

i dont have a best friend.

i have friends who are the best friends to me out of all my friends... really super close friends that i adore and who are super great. i wouldn't trade them for one best friend... but still every once in a while i see something or i see two people that remind me that i dont have that one best friend that so many people have and it makes me really sad. i always wanted to have that connection with one person who knows you inside out and you the same with them, just the two of you. especially when you grew up together or something... which obviously i never could have had since i never stayed in one place longer than a year and now i'm pretty sure i never will have... because every one else already has their best friend or has already grown up with someone... i can't grow up again. ha. but really even with my two closest friends, they are my best friends in the sense that they really treat me the best and are the closest to me out of all my friends. but even they have their own best friend who has been there their whole life... each other. funny. anyway sometimes i just want that soooo bad, someone who feels passionate about the things i do like healthy eating/living, natural childbirth, god, politics etc... but at the same time wants to watch gossip girl with me and have fake crushes on chuck bass... or wants to look at us weekly and talk about how ashlee simpson is pregnant or what dresses are cute or how stars really are 'just like us'. its hard to even find people who are passionate about the things i am and also like totally superficial lame teenage shows...
its always one or the other.

i'm thinking...its hard enough for me to just be friends with people. i am very particular about who i spend my time with because i know i'm a very hard person to understand and handle... so i'm pretty sure at this point i've found all the people who could possibly understand me to the point flo and erin do... and i'm starting to wonder if anyone understanding or relating to me more than that is even a possible reality, if i could find them, and i mean if they even exist. cause even with me and erin and flo.. we agree on most big stuff, some we dont but when it comes to the little things we're almost opposite about EVERYTHING. which is cool with them and i like it. but sometimes you just want someone to totally get why you like all the little things you like because they like them too...

anyway i'm so thankful for the friendships i have, i prayed to find someone who understood me my whole life and God gave me three people, which is insane... and i do have a husband who really was and is my best friend. i hate saying it cause it sounds so cliche and everyone thinks they marry their best friend.... but i mean like... all we were for so long was best friends... which is also amazing. but i guess its just a normal thing for a girl to have this deep down desire to have that special friendship with another girl who can relate to you in everything.. or almost everything.

i feel like deep down i've always been alone, not completely understood by anyone... i think growing up so differently to most the people i have known has A LOT to do with that... it just makes this deep ache in my heart that most the time i dont feel... but every once in while i get reminded of it and i just wish with all my heart that i had that friendship.

Friday, September 5, 2008

ok second blogsalot.

look out cause this is going to be sickeningly cute....
seriously, it even makes me sick.

photosesh 2008.

we wanted to remember our 3rd anniversary very well.

it was so nice.
we went to buona tavola (one of our fav restaurants)

and our waiter said bruschetta like flo.

i couldn't decide if he really was italian or not cause sometimes he had an accent and then sometimes he didn't... i was like 'is he doing that thing my mom and flo do?' and seth was like 'he's probably has an italian family but grew up here'

i think he went to italy last summer and is just a little too excited about it.

either way it was awesome.

we got everything we wanted.
bruchetta, this eggplant thing, tortelloni, wine, beer, tiramisu, and gelato.

then we went to lineas and sat out back and had drinks and talked.

we came home and rented 'what happens in vegas'

AWESOME. haha. loved it.

it was such a nice night, and sooooo nice to not have ara (no offense baby) and our dear friends erin and karl didn't even ask us to pick her up until the next day at 12!!!!!

look out fourth year... here we come!