Thursday, March 25, 2010


let's go to your house dear friend
grab my hand, run as fast as we can
back to those days where the sun set high
we’ll sit in the grass by the lake
please talk, lets laugh
like nothing ever changed

let's go to your room dear friend
surround us in color in that sweet familiar place
let the yellow, the blue, reflect in our hearts
and the songs will come, its here that they start
they’ll ring through our ears, they’ll shout, they’ll play
and the melodies we make will keep us this way

great was our love, and hopeful and safe
and i’m sorry old friend
and there’s nothing i can say
there's no words, theres no pain, that can blur,
that can justify, that can turn and erase these tragic mistakes

lets go to the beginning
i’ll take up my needle and sew like i did
little stitches that patch the broken and frail
the years that have passed, lets just for a minute
let them fade, let them brake
twist up the words, the actions, the names
the ones that have pushed, pulled, and frayed
let the tug of our memories take them away

let's come back to life
i'll be the girl you met that day and you be that boy
in your dark pea coat, the idealist with lovely big dreams,
a heart too full, black high water jeans
only now we will know the great things we create
what we hold between us, what we need, don’t be afraid
together we’ve made little hearts that beat strong,
lungs that breathe deep, little feet and bright eyes.
and if all these years were made just for them,
then these years can take everything, again and again.

i'll stand with you now, i'll be what you need
in the way we love best, where i know what to give
ill admit i was wrong, ill take all the blame
i need forgiveness, and hope, my dear, i need grace
and more than those things that i might never feel
i want our friendship, so rich, and incredibly real
so let this song resound from my lips to your heart
in an effort to mend what i foolishly broke
i'm sorry i'm sorry, and sorry again
its all i can say, i'm so sorry dear friend