Friday, April 18, 2008


when i was doing the dishes tonight i was thinking about how we (as humans) think of blessing, or i guess us who believe in God or what not.. anyway most of what i see that people express as being blessing is good things and i was thinking about how i feel so blessed or lucky to be able to stay at home with arabella and spend so much time with her... then i was debating whether that was lucky or being blessed.... and i dont think i really believe in luck, things to me happen for reasons, as i have learned from my entire past..... so if things happen for a reason then the only other option really is that when you feel something good has happened to you you are being blessed by someone, God or otherwise. so then i was thinking about how it doesn't seem right in my mind to think i am blessed for being able to stay at home with ara, because does that mean that someone who wants to stay at home with their child and doesn't get to is not blessed? and if not, why would i be blessed and them not be blessed.... and this is something seth and i have discussed a lot, like when we had absolutely, i mean absolutely no money and it would have been easy to say we weren't blessed, and i see that a lot in church that you are 'blessed' when you have a lot or have things, and that God wants to bless you with things, big houses, cars etc..... or even the way to which God wants to bless you with different characteristics, or 'gifts of the spirit' the way we tend to see blessing is in the 'good' and not in the 'bad' .... but i think it is all blessing. God knows what we need, seth and i needed to have no money at all for a time, it was a blessing and i'm so thankful we went through that, i just think if we look at life like God wants the best for us always, and if he is for us and in control, then everything can be a blessing..... it just depends on how we look at it. i mean this isnt a new idea i guess.... God said this in the bible.... that trials are blessings, because they produce perseverance.

anyway i dont know if this all makes sense it seems a bit scattered.... but i think sometimes, actually most of the time the best blessings dont look like what we would think they should look like.

this new baby is a blessing.


Marianne Elixir said...

I liked this post a lot =)

I think you are right on. Andrew (my husband) and I often talk about how God is blessing us when he does whatever it takes to improve our faith and refine our striving (even if that means "poverty" and hardship).

Thanks for sharing.

meg said...

I posted a post kind of in response, kind of on the same subject, kind of how I feel about it and thought I'd let you know.

"blessed" at words for eyes

meg said...

just the thought that you may be carrying a baby boy, and the thought that this baby is a blessing reiterated for me what a blessing my baby boy is.
i needed to write all this. i forever love you for this.