Monday, June 16, 2008


im not sure if i wrote about this or not but when i found out i was pregnant i was running 3 miles a day and i kept doing it until about week 8 and because i was feeling so sick i didn't do anything... so then by the time i was better with morning sickness i got the flu around so then when it was all over i was out of my routine and didn't go back... but seth and i have started back up because he got a gym membership also which gets me to want to go more and i'm back to just over 2 and a half miles! yay... its been so nice and my body went back to the workout regimen pretty easy which is weird cause usually it would take me longer to get back into it and i thought my muscles and ligaments would hurt a lot because i'm pregnant but they haven't hurt... anyway i'm just really excited because when i got pregnant i wanted to exercise this time but then when i got sick i was really discouraged and i thought i might not... they say women who exercise during their pregnancy have easier labors... so hopefully this time will be A LOT easier ;)


Flo Oakes said...

Good Job! Amazing! Speaking about the birth...I got teary eyed last night thinking about not being there. It's just not real to me. I feel like it's so natural that I should be. :(

Love you.

Daniel said...

it took dadgum forever.... but I got the everyone songs up on a hidden part of my site. shoot me an email and I'll email you back the link.