Tuesday, June 17, 2008

name me

this time we decided to name our baby and tell people. with ara i wouldn't even name her until she was born, we had basically chosen her name but i was too afraid of changing my mind to say it out loud until she was born. this time not only was i less crazy about naming her to begin with, i dont mind at all about telling people. with arabella i was so particular and crazy about the perfect name it had to start with an A end in an A, mean something really important and be long and pretty and also unique. this time i just wanted something cute and maybe old fashioned... i wanted it to mean something nice but not necessarily something super deep.... any who we named her

nola chlo roberts

nola- small bell

chlo- blooming

chlo is from seth's grandmother on his mothers side.. she spelled hers chloe but to save people from constantly asking us if its chlo-e we decided to take off the e... and also because just naturally when i read chloe i read it chlo-e...... we might change our minds about that, still on the fence... but that is the tiny one's name


Anna said...

Waw, Nola is a very precious name and goes well with Arabella... Really well-chosen!
You look great by the way during your pregnancy...

meg said...

i am overwhelmed with emotion. thank you for honoring her like this, it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This middle name is so special to me - what a wonderful choice! my mom was one of those people that was always blooming something new was often happening in her heart.
love, auntie lisa