Monday, June 2, 2008

what a smartie.

ara just brought me the wipes and said 'poo poo' and nodded her head... i said 'did you go poo poo?' and she nodded so i said 'ok then bring me a diapie' (because for some unknown reason i have to add an ie onto the end of EVERYTHING i say to her, i know annoying) anyway she came back with some diapers and i changed her... what a little smartie. a couple weeks or maybe even two months ago (i've completely lost track of time these days) she was telling me every time she went and even one time at erin's house she was saying 'poo poo' and i checked her but she hadn't gone so i was like 'you didn't go' and she said it again then stood in the corner and pooped. i really hope this means potty training will be smooth.

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