Monday, July 21, 2008

bye bye urine.

i've been meaning to write on here that i started using method but with the scent for the cloth diapers and its made the urine smell go away, i'm not that into scents but its only on her diapers, its not very fragrant and it still doesnt have crazy stuff in it... also on my washer its super awesome cause it has a 'soak' button and it soaks the load for like half an hour between washing and rinsing or something, so i put it on hot, heavy duty and soak and they get super clean.

also i thought this was funny but lately when ara spills water or something we've been making her clean it up and its suuuuuuper cute, i started doing it because shes always getting towels and 'cleaning' with me (which i love being able to do since its just vinegar and water) anyway its pretty cute to see her wiping up her spill.

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