Friday, July 18, 2008


so one thing i wanted to write is that i made some whole wheat pasta last night and i concocted a sauce of garbanzo beans pureed with summer squash, olive oil, garlic, mrs dash, basil, lemon juice and tiny bit of salt.. it was really good and i love it cause one of ara's favorite foods is pasta.. but i dont like her eating it a lot since there's not much substance to it.. so it felt good that there was beans and summer squash... anyway also i just thought this was really funny but i was looking at what people have searched for and in result come to my blog and here's the funniest ones....

'jesse and skylana roberts' um awkward.....
'terry denise page mercy church' haha
'mercy church seth skylana' even better
'sean askins' which is weird cause i've never written about him, but i know him...
'dr oz poop talk' yep i'm sure i've discussed that
'pregnant blogspot' is my blog pregnant?
'i think i puked in my mouth.' i love that that would lead to me.
'is it ok to have 5 cigarettes during first trimester' because... are you really asking that question?


Emery Jo said...

This is so funny... I decided to look at mine after reading this and these were a couple on my blog:

"i hate puking skylana"
"septuplet belly"
"i am lonely"

oh, that last one makes me sad.

Lana Bear said...

totally weird...but hi. So I used to live in SLO- but live in Philly now, and know who you are bc your name is skylana, and my name is lana..and im friends w bess, danielle, dillon, gabe etc etc, alot of the same people you know.

so i read your blog. hope thats no creepy.

how did you do this?

skylana said...

lana- totally not creepy... you lurker! just kidding... i did it by installing google analytics... i'm not sure how you add it into your blog, my husband did that for me.... but i'm SURE someone you know prolly knows how... maybe. if not come back and i'll ask him how.