Saturday, August 2, 2008

asian compliment.

to me a compliment from an asian man is THE highest compliment i could ever get, and today i got one.

ara and i took a walk down to a coffee shop and she got upset because she wanted a cup of ice water like mine, i helped her calm down and told her if she asked me nicely she could have a cup of ice. then she wanted more muffin and was NOT asking nicely, i told her to ask nicely and for a little while she just stared at me silently, i said 'i cant give this to you until you ask me nicely, so please ask me nicely' and then she said 'mo please'.

then came my compliment, the asian man asked me if i was a teacher and i said 'oh no..' and he said 'you should be, you are so sweet in your instruction. and so many kids grow up with no discipline now, but you are teaching her discipline.' i was like 'oh thank you! im not sure that i would end up being so sweet with other children, but i like her a lot ;)' then we started talking about how kids dont get disciplined these days, i said i didn't get much of it growing up so i've always wanted to give that to arabella and he talked about how that was good because so many people repeat the same things over generations and it just gets worse... anyway, it was a proud moment for me.

really there is nothing like being complimented by an asian man.


it made me feel so great, then walking home i saw two little old ladies trying to get a desk out of a van and into a store so i asked the front desk guy at the carlton if there was another guy that could help them or if he could... and he went and helped them. (i would have helped them if i didn't have this belly in the way and a little one to keep track of)

it was such a 'pay it forward' nice morning. haha.


Flo Oakes said...

Cute! Good job! I always think you do an amazing job with Ara too.
Love you!

yankee said...

cute! i love that! miss you

Anonymous said...

That's Awesome. :)

Beth McDermott said...

fantastic karma.
way to put that out into the universe.

Emery Jo said...

awww that sounds like a sweet morning. And I know I'm not asian or anything, but great job with ara. love you!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Cute post!

But, I just gotta know....why is a compliment better from an Asian?

skylana said...

they're just superior people.