Saturday, August 16, 2008

so freaking smart.

i think.....?

i dont know what age is normal for kids to learn this, but it seems really early to me that arabella gets it... anyway this morning i was letting her color with her markers and she knows her colors... the only ones she's kinda shady on are green and purple. i made a video of me asking her to hand me each color one by one and she thinks and then hands me each one!

and the whole time she was coloring she was so clean and so good about using one marker then putting the lid back on and then getting a new one. and every time she took out a new color she would say what it was and look at me like 'right?'... she's been obsessed with asking the color of things lately.. if she sees something she wants to know the color of she will ask different colors til she knows and she loves talking about how her hair is brown and so is mama's and so is papa's. and then when she was done coloring she looked at her hands and then looked at me like 'this is not ok' cause they were all colored up... and i was like 'you wanna wash your hands?' and she said yes... cute how clean she wanted to be.

so yea, i took a video of this and i'm going to try and upload it to youtube, but every time i try it takes like 6 hours and then doesn't upload, which i dont get cause my videos are not even close to the limit... i still have one i wanted to upload like 2 weeks ago that i never got to fully upload... we'll see.

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