Monday, October 13, 2008

i know, second today... but...

some things are too good to pass up.

i'll save the best for last.

so first off here are some pictures of ara at seth's show, we didn't stay til he played, but ara didn't care cause all she wanted was to see jake...

and to play with hot dog....

this is her new friend 'scawecwow'. he lives on our neighbors porch.
she asked me to take a picture of her with him, and in the last one she's doing what we like to call 'the look' which another new thing... she does 'the look' and 'punk face' i'll upload videos at the end of this....

ok before the videos this is my favorite thing EVER. our friend jeremy wells gave her this barbie head, which is something i always wanted when i was little. its super hilarious cause, well i mean i think you can see how hilarious she is... but arabella LOVES her, its pretty much the best thing anyone could give her ... she named her 'princess' and she had seth hug and kiss her when he left for work this morning. i'm not sure if she's a bratz head or barbie head, either way she's pretty sexy...

and it looks like she's gonna fit in here.

punk face.

this is 'the look', she does it really fast at the beginning ....

and this is her trying to combine 'the look' and 'creepy walk'. it was too outrageous.


Flo Oakes said...

There are just way too many cute things going on in this post!
So...first favorite, her at the show crawling under the table--she looks SO big girl there!
Um, second, her holding hands with the head..hahahahaha.
And third, the last video of course...too ridiculous.
Sera cracked up watching the videos with me!

MEGAN said...

I feel like such a weirdo watching vidoes of your kid, seeing as how I don't know you. Just for the record, I'm totally normal.

So hilarious, the creepy walk, and the look.

And I think I had one of those barbie heads too, a long time ago. I think it's like to practice doing hair a makeup with? I don't know, but hilarious that she loves it.