Thursday, October 23, 2008

make me cry.

our friends gabe and laura came over last night and brought me these. they are cloth diapers, that laura made. i seriously almost shed a tear when she gave them to me.... they are so cute and so nice and sooo tiny! the tiniest cloth diapers i've ever seen, which is awesome because as soon as that meconium is out i can use them while she's little... no offense to anyone who has ever given me a gift, but these are definitely the BEST gift i have ever gotten. it means so much to me that she spent all that time sewing them for little nola, and they're adorable and i needed them. perfect. thank you so much laura!

also... on the pregnancy front... i really really started to think i was going to go into labor last night, at first i didn't want to get my hopes up but... i had contractions that were 3 mins apart for 8 hours! and some of them were really painful.. and then, they just stopped. bummer. i walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes this morning... nothin. well if i have her soon i'm hoping it will be this week or weekend... if not then i'd rather not have her til november.. just cause next monday we're supposed to go see death cab for cutie and then wed is seth's ex's bday, haha.. not pam.. i wouldn't mind her being born on pam's birthday... then the 30th is my aunts bday, which i wouldn't mind either, but my first choice would be if she had her own birthday that wasn't shared with anyone in the fam... and then friday is Halloween, which seth and i both kinda hate. so.... yea and then its november. its so crazy that my due date is just a week and a half away... election day baby would be super sweet too.... we'll see. i feel very ready to have her out though.... very ready, especially after last night.


MEGAN said...

Those diapers are SO cute, they don't even need to be covered up by an outfit!

Debra K said...

Super cute! I want to see pics of the other prints. Are you just doing pockets? If you are doing prefolds or fitteds, I have some small bummis covers for sale. There are 4 of them.