Saturday, October 4, 2008

my life.

so. i finished the twilight series last night! whooo hoooo

spoiler alert--- dont read if you're not done

i'm so happy that everything finally turned out wonderful... and i love how bella had her baby and then became this kick ass woman who saves her family and friends. when she was human she was all clumsy and edward and everyone else had to always be protecting her, so it was so awesome that she was the one to protect them in the end... loved it.

anyway... also i was having a nervous breakdown morning, and then i talked to my mother, which usually doesn't go well. it made it much much worse. ... but my neighbor/friend who i am so greatful for came over and helped me hug it out... (which, to any of you who know me, im sure is a TOTAL shock... that I needed a hug! wild.) then she offered to have ara over for a while.

i went to slo while her and her husband watched ara (so amazing of them. cause who wants to give up part of their saturday with their husband to watch a tiny monster for their crazy neighbor?) and it was the best thing that has happened to me in a VERY VERY long time. it was so awesome to feel like i was skylana and not arabellas mom. to sit and watch people walking by and just think and not feel crazy for one second... i mean to just be able to sit in public and not run after someone, to listen to whatever i wanted to listen to in the car, to not have to keep her entertained while driving, to be able to just get out of the car and walk- not get ANYthing out, to not have to push a stroller or walk ridiculously slow and stop at every interesting little thing on the ground, to eat and not have a whole table to clean up and little hands to wipe, to go into a store and not be looking as fast aas possible so no one gets impatient.. it was a feeling i can't even describe, and that i had forgotten existed.

it was the best.

not to mention the tourists i saw wearing matching khaki vests with about 8 pockets on them taking pictures of each other... taking pictures.
that was just the icing on the cake.

i felt like i could have just stayed out until next saturday... but would i really be able to resist coming home to this for long?...


meg said...

thank you for announcing a spoiler alert. you are kind to all of us for that...and um. her creepy walk? wow. she's ridiculous.

Cheatwoods said...

oh my gosh, I need to rad the last book but I had to know what happend so I rad it! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you warned me, I have to read this book, it is coming on tuesday!