Friday, October 17, 2008

what did i do yesterday?

cleaned the whole house.
cleaned out our closet.
did an ass load of dishes.
and did... wait for it..... 12 loads of laundry! what the hell?
i know, its because we just had a lot of dirty clothes, but also i washed all of our bedding and then i spilled curry on my bedding and had to wash it again. awesome. i was so sick of pulling apart dirty socks yesterday i almost raved about it on here, but i didn't, so i'll say it today....

my husband is the BEST, seriously the best... so that's why i continue to put up with this ridiculous little habit.. but... its still super awesome when you're doing 12 loads of laundy. see seth does this thing, and really its kinda funny, because its not just that he doesn't straighten out his socks when he takes them off and puts them in the hamper, that would be annoying yes, but normal still... no, he takes his off straightens them out and then REFOLDS them! like into crumpled balls... so when i do laundry i just have to undo a bunch of super dirty crumpled balls of socks, its sick. we've talked about it and he seriously doesn't even know he's doing it (which sounds like an excuse, but i know its true, i watched him one time and then said 'did you know you just did that?'... nope... besides who would WANT to spend that much time touching their dirty socks?) at first i thought he'd be able to stop, but now i see this is an unconscious addiction that cannot be changed. i have come to grips with that.... because i know i will probably never have to do it as many times as i had to yesterday.

side note: i forgot to say the other day when i bought ara her new clothes that while we were in the store i was looking at something and my cart was a few feet away from me, kind of in the aisle, but still with enough room to pass... a lady walked past it and turned to the side to get through and ara looked at her and was like 'oh, sowwy'. the lady just started laughing and so did i. how polite my lil lady is.


Travis Avila said...

glad to hear Seth is human. I've got some pretty weird habits as well that I'm sure Jenn would LOVE to tell you about.

Andrea June said...

Hahaha, I do the same thing as Seth. Maybe the rationale is that it keeps all the socks in pairs so that none get lost between the hamper and the washing machine? I don't know...I'm sure there's some bizarre reason for the dirty sock-folding behavior somewhere.