Friday, November 7, 2008

hole in my bag.

so i called my midwife again about all that fluid i've been telling you guys about... she came up tonight, we tested it and... its amniotic fluid.

so.... expect nola by the end of the weekend.

i'm a little stressed, cause its one thing to just go into labor and it comes on and you have no control, but its a whole other thing to hear 'you will go into labor in the next few days.' .... and just know what's coming.... i know i can do it, but its not fun looking forward in such reality to the worst pain you've ever experienced.


meg r. said...

Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I am sure many others as well Skylana. You will be strong and make it through-He will give you the strength you need right when you need it. I'm here to help with Arabella.

Lisa said...

You are gonna be OK. If you need anything you can call me too. tell Seth i got his message and NO WORRIES! Hope the eggplant was good, mine was kinda dry so I was worried yours was... tell Seth to dump more sauce on it! love ya