Saturday, November 1, 2008

where do i start?


love of my life.

we took her trick or treating and oh my goodness.

first we went to seth's parents and she helped grandma give out candy, which she LOVED. she ran to the door every time she heard the bell ring...

(also side note about grandma's house, when we got there as soon as meg opened the door ara let out a huge scream like girls do who haven't seen each other in a long time! it was so freaking cute)

then when we finally left to take her to a couple houses, which we only ended up going to one and then going to erin's house (cause mom can't walk), anyway the first house we went to no one was home... sad. the second one we went to had a huge group of kids in front of us, and they took the last of the candy! the guy was like "nooooo, this breaks my heart! her very first time?! i have something.. hold on!" and he brought her a granola bar. cute cute cute. she was sooooo excited about her one treat and she put it in her 'treat bag' and cherished it. ... until she took it out on the way home and tried to eat it through the wrapper. we took it away. when we got home we went across the way to erin and shauns and she got a piece of chocolate. that was the treat she got to eat for halloween. what an adorable little belle she was.

then tonight i wanted her to stay up late for the time change so i thought it would be a good night to introduce her to her first full length feature film.

we rented finding nemo.

and oh my gosh i was NOT prepared for how cute she was going to be about it!

when the kids all got to the drop off she was like 'woa!'
when the scuba divers came over she was yelling 'ohhhh nooo!'
when nemo's papa couldn't find him she threw her hands up and her mouth just dropped open..
when the sharks showed up and were chasing them she screamed 'ahhhhhhhh!'
when the turtles showed up she just yelled 'turtles! tuuuuurtles!'
when marlin tries to leave dori at the end she yelled 'nooo! dont go!!!' and stood up waving her hand in protest.
when nemo found his papa she grabbed me and hugged me and just laughed.
and when the credits came on she shouted 'again! again!'

holy crap. it was outrageous. her facial expressions were insane. she was sooooo into it.

i can't even believe how much i love her. ive always loved her so much but i feel like this past week i've like fallen totally in love with her again. she's unexplainable. the fact that i will feel this way about two little precious people some day blows my mind to bits.. i can't comprehend having that much love inside me. i'm so excited.


Andrea June said... I just almost died from cuteness overload!

meg r. said...

All I can say is that I am a very blessed grandma indeed. It was a lot of fun to raise three boys, but having granddaughters is pure joy. Arabella is so full of fun and cutieness!! She is pure entertainment in a tiny little package. What fun we had passing out candy. Arabella just wanted to share with all the kids. And Skylana is such a good mom and has trained Arabella so well-she is so well behaved and polite which makes her even more fun to be with. Can't wait for our little Nola Chlo. Our entire home group just prayed for a very easy delivery-so be it!!

Flo Oakes said...

She's wearing her tiara!!!!!!


That makes me teary.