Friday, December 19, 2008

are you going to the show bro?

i might be my husbands biggest fan. or second biggest after some Japanese girls who have come here for his shows before....

i went to his show last night and first of all it was a time capsule.. one that i was more than happy to open up and look into...

i love seeing all those familiar faces in that familiar place.

being able to look up at the stage and see seth, then zeb, snag, and adam... just the combination of those guys playing the same show takes me back. plus zeb's look last night was all presh and looked exactly like 17 year old zeb. wonderful.

secondly about being a fan. i have a huge crush on seth. ... and seeing him play is the BEST thing in the world, especially at downtown brew for some reason. i love that his mouth still moves exactly the same way when he sings, and he still dances like he did when we were younger... its crazy how him being up there singing his songs just makes him, him. he's not the father who has to work all day long and wake up a million times a night to help a 2 year old, hes my 19 year old best friend and he's full of life, he's the boy who rides bikes with me and draws me pictures... he's my seth, my friend seth. i love who he is now and i love love love what we have together, the life we've built is amazing and he's still my best friend, but a lot more has been added on... i need those moments of watching him play where our kids are gone, we're not married, we haven't become one soul, we dont live together and have all the stresses that come with life.. we're just seth and skylana, best friends again... i can look at him exactly the way i did when we met. in no other situation can i see him like that, except when he's on stage. if i ever miss that old friend i can watch him play music and that seth rushes back into my heart and warms me from the inside out. i'm so thankful that we had that friendship, so innocent and so incredibly full of love. its the foundation of our whole life together and its something we can always always fall back on. i just completely treasure those moments where life stops and i can look back at that perfect time and see my wonderful dear friend looking back at me.

plus last night was super awes cause not only did i find my gay best friend. ;) i also found a huge ass dread in the back of my hair this morning... which means i must have had fun last night. i assume. hahahah

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