Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the day my life changed

two years ago today my life changed forever.

it became the best life.

everything that's ever happened in my life became worth it, and everything i had ever done became weak in comparison to her, because that day not only had i accomplished the most difficult task in bringing her here, but she alone, so tiny, just a bundled up sweet little girl had made me a better woman from the moment i saw her. she made me, me.

there are days i want to scream because she's testing ever fiber of my being, and there are days i want to hold her so tight she would never get away and everyday since i met her, i have loved her more than the day before. she only gets better.

i'm finally starting to see the true little person she is going to be and i can't even express how great she is.. how funny, how sweet, how caring, how loving, how beautiful she is.

to think that the world used to exist without her in it makes my heart ache.

i'm so thankful for my arabella, she is life to me.


meg said...

happy birthday ara
love and gooshy hugs from ausin

Flo Oakes said...

Love that sweet face.

Shan said...

what a doll.