Monday, December 29, 2008


i had a dream last night that i went to this company that made these scenes for movies... i dont know how to describe it, because i'm pretty sure it doesn't exist in real life... but they were these intricate paintings but when you put them up to a lense of a camera they turned into the exact scene you wanted. they were a company that had been around for years so they had some really famous scenes and the way they made them were insane. so anyway i went to the company because my friend worked there and then i started helping her before she had to leave that day... and at the end of the day the boss came up and offered me a job. i was ecstatic. i started working there and it was amazing. my whole dream was my life as if i had this amazing full time job... and it was something i loved doing. then i woke up. i feel so sad that it was a dream, because it felt so real. i can't wait to move/for nola to get a little bigger so i can work. i just can't wait.

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