Monday, December 15, 2008

no offense to english people.

so i have a few boyfriends. one being edward of course, and one being chuck bass. the thing is... i am NOT a fan of guys with english accents. lets just say they have left a bad taste in my mouth... ha. i know most girls like it even better.. and i dont mind english accents on guys in general or people in general but when i like someone if they open their mouth and it comes out in a british accent, not cool. anyway i NEVER knew until today that ed westwick was english... duh, that name... but now i know and i just have to set the same rule i've set with robert pattinson, i can't watch interviews, i can only watch the character. i'm sad that i know this. i wish i could go back to my ignorant bliss of the american upper east side boyfriend. .... i guess i'll get my wish around oh... 8 o clock tonight.

good thing they're just my fake boyfriends.


jenny moon said...

robert pattinson is NOT your boyfriend, he's MINE.

meet me behind the gym after school because we are SO gonna fight over this - i will cut you, so help me god...


JessicaToday said...

woah. i did not know this about chuck. not sure how i feel about this...i too harbor a crush mr bass, so secret that im embarrassed to tell anyone even my husband just cause hes such a jerk on the show that i dont quite understand or (approve?? idk?) of my infatuation. hes just incredibly sexy. and thats all that matters to my sense of appeal apparently!