Sunday, January 4, 2009

and love on a serious note.

i believe that love should set you free.

seth makes me more me. the way he loves me sets me free. its like his love brought me back to the person i was born to be, i've been broken by life and put up defenses all around my heart.... but seth came and told me how much love i had inside. i didn't believe him, i've always felt like my love had run dry, and as much as i wanted to love i didn't feel i had the capacity. then we became friends. we were friends with everyone. him and i would spend every second of our day becoming friends with people and listening to them and loving them. whenever we hung out all we wanted to do was love our friends and make new ones. ... i dated luke and i lost it again. he hated that about me, he wanted me quiet and being the young naive girl i was i became what he wanted. and only now do i feel like i'm finding me again. the one who wants to be surrounded by people all the time and to love them and understand them just for the sake of humanity. seth and i were made to be together and we were made to love together. he wants me to be friends with anyone i want to hang out with because he believes that as humans all that is important is that we have relationships with whoever we find goodness with. if that makes sense. and i feel the same. seth is not mine. he is his own person and i am my own, but we are meant to be with each other and meant to love others together. i want to do whatever i can to help seth love others and build friendships, him the same. im just so thankful i married someone who feels this way, who has taught me what true unconditional freeing love is and has brought me back to myself over and over.

love is meant to set us free, not hold us back... i believe its meant to makes us more of who we are. seth has done that for me.

im really excited to be back where i was when seth and i first became friends because there was nothing better in the world than the feeling i got when him and i loved our friends together. i finally again feel like i have an infinite amount of love stored inside my heart and i just want to give it away to anyone i can.

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