Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i really am a hairstylist.

so i went to school to do hair. the aveda institute. i didn't finish.
i cut hair my whole life, my own, my moms... random people. its something that i've always felt like i knew how to do. i look at someones hair and it just comes to me, i dont feel super secure in doing it, but i know its there so i trust my hands, and somehow they've never failed me. i've always been good at math and for some weird reason hair is like math to me it just makes sense. every time i cut someones hair i start to panic because i wonder if i can really do a cut they'll like... then i cut it and i've never had someone not like it... and usually people have me do it more than once. i've also gotten a lot of statements like 'this is so much better than my hairstylist!' everyone also tells me i should just start doing friends hair and charging them to make extra money... i know its kind of illegal... but as long as they know, is it? anyway... i think i'll do that... its not a commitment so i dont feel terrified of it and its fun as long as i'm getting some kind of payment for it.

its cool that i am naturally good at something.


Shan said...

that is exactly the way i feel about doing hair. i went to cosmo school (wow...about 10 years ago. now i feel old). anyways, i hated the whole experience because of the atmosphere in the school, a lot of the people were really hard to be around and i like doing hair for the creative, artistic part of it...not doing perms and rollers and teasing hair into a big puff ball). i barely finished school, but i have no desire to work in a salon...who knows, maybe one day if i find the perfect salon. i would love to cut hair out of my house and get paid for it...i'm all for illegal money (j/k). i cut hair for a few friends but i think only one of them pays me like $10 each time. i guess if i had like 10 of those a day, that'd be some pretty nice extra $.

Beth McDermott said...

how is that illegal exactly? i would think maybe whipping up a batch of ammonia and slathering someone's head in it would be a little controversial... but im seriously in love with my new do. i came home and sprayed it with sexy... post the link to my blog and i will be your first 'black market hairstylist' portfoilo snapshot. love love love it, thanks again.
its prolly not really illegal if you dont rent a space and you do it for FREE (with a mandatory tipping clause, of course.) Dude. you so need to do this.

Tiffany said...

I found your blog through a friend's blog a few months ago and I find your posts so interesting....which is really weird because I don't even know you! I've never felt comfortable actually commenting on something you wrote until now...

That's how I feel about doing hair! Every time I go to start someone's cut or color I am always secretly terrified that they might hate it. But I usually get the same response you do "this is the best cut I have ever had." It makes me really happy to know that I am naturally talented at something.

Anonymous said...

Tiff will give you the best haircut you can get in Bremerton!!! ;)