Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the hills.

we're outta here.

we're going to Agoura Hills.

seth got a job in LA doing graphic design that pays well and has full benefits, he's also been working with a publishing company trying to figure out what the best way is for him to start getting songs placed in shows/commercials etc. he'll still be working with 805collective, but the reason we will be leaving is mainly for the music, but the job is wonderful because it gives us stable income while he works on music. it will be so good for us to be down there so he can play shows as much as possible and 'network' haha sick. we're both so incredibly excited. we found an apartment already and everything. so we'll be leaving within the few days after seth's jan 29th show (which means EVERY one of you better be there!!), the job starts feb 1st and our apartment is leased from the 28th!

seth and i are so excited and though ara doesnt know what she's excited about shes been jumping around the house yelling 'i soooo excited!!!'

there ya have it. the news.

if anyone's looking for place in atascadero let us know! and check out our craigslist :)


Amanda said...

I am happy for you guys!! I don't know you but I can see how excited you are so good luck and congrats!!

ParadisoPerDue said...

wow, good luck!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

you better take TONS of pics...i'm happy for you guys, it sounds awesome!

Shan said...

what a nice place to move to...great area! i know we don't know each other, but i think that's a little over an hour from us so if you need a new "LA area" friend" that has to little girls also, we'd love to hang out :).
have a great and safe move! ~s

Shan said...

i meant TWO little girls...(how annoying!)

Erin said...

I really can't believe you guys are actually moving. It's so cool and so weird and sad. And I think it's so amazing that you get to start over in a new place and meet new people and do new things. It sounds refreshing. I can't wait to see pictures and read all of the stories of your new life down there. And I'm so glad you won't be too far. I'm happy for you guys and I love you and your wonderful little family.

The Avilas said...

I think you guys are making a huge mistake that you will regret for the rest of your lives.

meg said...

I can't believe it. I had no idea. I'm really happy you guys are getting to have your own adventure, and you'll be warm in the sun all year round, but I'm still bummed we won't see you more often.
Congrats. And if you don't keep blogging like 3 times a day I'm gunna be pissed.

Beth McDermott said...

I hate to see you go, but loooove to watch you leave!
Congrats, I know how good a fresh start/ do over feels for a desperate housewife. Dont be strangers!
Guess this means I need to find a new stylist... and pay them real money... haha

d.cedillo said...

wow!! skylana.. this is so great. congrats to you two. maybe now we can be friends :)
as opposed to blog friends.
i work in santa monica now at a hair salon, and i know for a fact that their looking for a morning receptionist for when i'm in school... soooo if you're maybe lookin for a part time job.. let me know :)

skylana said...

i would LOVE that... let me know some details and i can think about daycare etc... ibloomblaum@hotmail.com