Friday, January 16, 2009

lovely little ladies.

i just dropped seth off at his new job a bit ago and i'm at starbucks with the girls... i've been thinking about writing about this but i just haven't... anyway they are SO good when we're out. i feel like i can handle them better when i take them out hahah! but really like a few weeks ago we went to the social security office and were there for 2 hours and arabella sat in her chair the whole time and listened to everything i said... and nola chills now... as long as she eats when she's hungry she's happy. i can take them downtown, have nola in the stroller and hold hands with ara and its not a big deal at all.. AND my favorite thing! we can do things like this! i'm just at starbucks on the computer, nola is chillin in her carseat and arabella is drinking milk and eating breakfast and is very happy... we've been able to go to barnes and noble and i'll get a bunch of books for ara and mags for me and we just sit at a table and i read mine and she reads hers. its amazing.