Sunday, January 11, 2009

my besties.

these are my very best friends. yes, all our heads are mixed up... which only makes it better.

i know i've written on here before about how i dont have a very best friend that i've known my whole life... but i am realizing more and more that i'm thankful i dont have that but in exchange somehow have two of the very best friends that i haven't known my whole life, but feel like i have... women i would circle the globe for if they needed me.... karl and josh, you guys are pretty super kick ass too. i dont think anyone understands me like the people in this picture do and even though josh and flo live across the country and we might be an atascadero memory very soon no distance or time could change what seth and i have found in these 4 people.

today i was losing it. i felt defeated and alone. i wont describe the many reasons i was there, but i was and all i needed was erin and flo or even just one of them. flo lives in nashville... i hadn't hung out with erin in what seems like eternity, but really has only been a little over a week i think. i texted her and told her i just needed a hug. any one of the people in the above picture would tell you, that means it was VERY VERY serious. skylana NEVER needs a hug. i just got back from erins house and i am grounded again. there is nothing as wonderful for me in the world than having someone truly understand me and love me despite all of 'it'. erin does. i dont think i could shock her if i tried, flo either... and i find so much peace in that i dont think i can even describe it. i may not have been there on that fateful day when these two wonderful best friends met each other but i'm beyond thankful they came together and long after were brought to me, they are a part of my heart.


Flo Oakes said...

LOVE you!

E said...

Oh man. You've made this hormonal mess even more messy. But it's good for me. I miss that picture, the four of us together, probably being inappropriate and loving every second of it.

I already miss you. Not cause I'm being dramatic, but because I feel like I've just gotten brief moments with you over the past few weeks and then you're leaving faster than I thought. Life is gonna be weird, that's all I can say. I love you friend.