Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i was just reading this blog and its the second reminder from yesterday to today that our perspective means everything.

for me that blog is terrifying, it scares me to death. pun intended. it scares me because i dont know if that is real or not, and if it is it doesn't sound like a place i would want to be for eternity, but if its true i'd rather be there than the alternative. to the writer it provokes awe and hope.

yesterday i talked with a friend, again, about prop 8 and being gay in general, and society, etc etc... he saw prop 8 as someone asking him what marriage meant in his mind, in his life.. i saw it as someone asking if i thought other people should be allowed to have what i have, whether we agree about who its with or not.... and it was crazy to see how looking at prop 8 from just two different perspectives was all it took to change millions of peoples lives, to produce rage and hate, to produce hope and love...

it seems like a tiny change in perspective, but a tiny change in perspective can change the whole world.

the way we look at love, at religion, at government, at other people, those are the perspectives that dictate what society we create. i dont want everyone to see the world the way i see it, but i do want us to be able to allow each other to see the world however we choose and to implement those things into our lives.

i know, from shit eating to deep shit.
my blog is crazy.


meg said...

I didn't watch the video from your last blog cause I'm at work and didn't want to check it out here and now I'm glad I did since I think you just gave away the subject matter...

Anywhoo, Andy 'n me were just talking about Prop 8, even though we're not Californians anymore it still feels like our hometown. And I was asking if giving people rights under the government was really even a "christian" issue in the first place. I mean, are we in some way condoning homosexuality if we believe people should have legal rights as a couple?

If you're a parent and both of you die, you have someone in mind as a legal caretaker for your children, yet a gay parent can't sign a release for their child because they aren't considered legal guardians?

I don't think this is an issue of morality, or what is sinful, this isn't church, or judgment day, and as far as I know, none of us are God. This is about whether or not someone has the right to see their significant other in the hospital.

Why would anyone be so cruel as to not allow someone to see their sick or dying family?

I don't think passing a law allowing gay people to basically have the same rights as a hetero couple has anything to do with Christianity or morality. It has to do with simple human decency.

Why is this "wrong" christians?..please inform.

Flo Oakes said...

Meg, I concur. Well said.

skylana said...

YES meg, amen... but not in a christian way ;)