Thursday, January 22, 2009


this has just been brought to my attention.
i've heard of sexin it up.
i've heard of textin it up.
i had never heard of 'sextin' it up.
i like it.

so i got all ready for seth show, dressed up, super excited. had planned a month ahead of time for two different sets of friends to watch arabella all day yesterday and then overnight. drove down to LA, went thrift store shopping while seth practiced. got to the show and found out that even though we had asked ahead of time, nola could NOT get into the show (just another reason to add to my 'list of why i want to give into formula'). so.... i drove home, alone. it was nice to be alone i guess, but driving makes me tired in like 20 minutes so it was tough. but i got home by 1115. which wasn't so bad and now i get to hang out sans arabella for a while thanks to b&s.

now i'm just thinking about tonight, i think seth will be home around... 5 or 530.. maybe a bit later... anyway i really would love to go to farmers market if it doesn't rain. i'm pretty sure this would be our last farmers for a while since next thursday is pack the uhaul/seths show day. it would be cool to see some friends there also. ... sometime, i need to start packing. scary.


hillary tish said...

come visit me at yogurt creations!
i work 6 to 11
and i wanted to say goodbye!
and ps... yeah i know another yogurt place??? ahhh

Sarah Corbett said...

when you move down here, there is a farmers market right down the street from my house in thousand oaks every thursday.

skylana said...

yay! we could go together!