Tuesday, January 6, 2009


people ALWAYS ask where i got all my amazing party dishes... cake stand... ice holder... drink cups... decanters
i got them at north county consignment. crazy. they always have the most beautiful vintage kitchen stuff for really cheap. i used to go every week and i've been on a break since i got rull preg... im back in the game!

i got this thing, i dont know what it is. i always do that. seth hates it. i just buy pretty things that i dont know what they are... cause i'm sure i could find a use for something so pretty.

i got 6 of these wine glasses because i loved them, and we NEED wine glasses so that when people come over we dont have to debate which one to give to accident prone guests, 'my favorite glass or the glass i used when i was being proposed to.. hmmm'

i got this blue thing.

and this amazing vest.


Emery Jo said...

have you ever checked out bleubird vintage? You have killer thrifty vintage taste- like the girl who runs the site. their blog is fun to look at. check it.


The Avilas said...

thanks for getting wine glasses. that was seriously nerve wracking.


Sarah said...

that is crazy, i was just looking at her stuff right before i came to your site!!!! yes, bleubird is amazing!

Shan said...

cute clothes & you're pullin' off the pink skirt. about the wine glasses, at least you don't have to give your guests wine in regular glasses...ever since we moved, i can't find our TWO wine glasses. i think it's time to go get some of our own. our poor Christmas dinner guests...everyone looked like they were sitting around drinking glasses of juice.:)

skylana said...

em- yes i have.. suuuuper cute!

trav- of course. anything to make a social situation more comfortable for you. i know its hard ;)

shan- yes! that is my biggest , at least one of my biggest, pet peeves when people drink wine out of cups and cold things in mugs. super stressful. go to the thrift store... they always have amazing stuff for so cheap.

Amanda said...

I love the wine glasses!! Super cool. I am going thrift shopping this weekend. You have inspired me! :)

JessicaToday said...

your totally cute