Thursday, February 12, 2009


she is getting more hilarious as time goes on... today we had this conversation

arabella: 'oh i have a idea!!'

me: 'what is it?'

arabella: 'you bwush my haiw, cause it wooks cwaaaazy'

was that sarcasm?

also we've been teaching ara about husbands and wives, she's got it down.. so i was recording her and she got every couple right... til i asked who lane's wife was... her answer?



that said... i'll tell you about our day yesterday.

seth recently lost his drivers license. when he got hired and when we moved into our apartment they asked for it... that put us on the hunt for his social security card and passport. neither of which we could find. then this week was the first week he was supposed to get paid but they told him they couldn't pay him friday unless he had his drivers license AND his social security care or just his passport. he had NONE. we searched the house... we found a total of 5 social security cards, 2 drivers licenses and 1 passport, none of which were his. we knew that his passport was in our storage in san luis and he wasn't allowed to work until we gave them some id... as we were walking out the door to drive to san luis he found his drivers license, which didn't change that we still had to go get his passport because the drivers license alone was not enough and he couldn't get a social without two forms of id. so at 3 yesterday we left for atascadero. it was super nice to see our familiar place, its weird living in a place where we have no memories... the past 8 years we have lived in a place that is filled with visions of us riding bikes, skateboarding, taking arabella downtown, having coffee with our friends at lineas, the streets were filled with faces we know almost as well as our own. and now we are in a place that is foreign. there is nothing of us here, it is good to have this fresh start but its strange to not have the fabric of our history covering every wall pass. it was good to see it. it was also good to see the two friends we got to see for about a second each. plus the ride home was awesome i got a treat from a friend for the trip and with both kids asleep seth and i got to hang out with no other distraction, i was a lot of fun. vonder.

-oh and we got taco bell! i can't remember the last time i had taco bell. bean burritos with 14 packets of hot sauce dipped in nacho cheese!!! too good.

we got home at midnight i think. it was fun though. it was nice to go see home and it was nice to get out of the house. arabella did really well with having to be in the car so much.

today i had to do about 7 loads of laundry and our combine washer dryer is good for keep up but no the gnarl stuff... so i put the kids in the car, took down two full hampers and a large black garbage bag of laundry... we drove down to the laundry room at the leasing office i took the laundry to the room i got the kids in the stroller got into the room, went to fill my laundry card and realized i had just given my debit card to seth. that's the ONLY way to pay for laundry here. i left the laundry and stroller, put the kids back in the car and went and got my card from seth. came back and did my 7 loads while trying to entertain ara so i didn't have to haul them back up to our house 3 times during laundry. it was like camping. but all of our clothes are now clean and if i keep up on laundry i wont have to go down there anytime soon.

i'm testing no nap with arabella today to see how she does with sleeping later than 545. we'll see. she has been sleeping through the night again, so has nola. i probably just shat on that, when you read this please knock on wood for me.

anywho things are good, clean and mellow again. noah and kyle are coming over tonight and i'm excited cause kyle is maybe my new favorite person and i miss noah. tomorrow seth's going to a hollywood party to 'network' with some industry people... sick. i love it. and then saturday brook and si are here!!! wooo hooo! saturday is also the 4 year anniversary of mine and seth's first date. wild.

i love how much people are able to visit us... next week we've got jake and becky, the end of the month seth's dad is dropping by and as soon as possible my sister will be coming. ... then hopefully a certain couple will be coming down for disneyland in march? ... ooooh which reminds me seth will be able to be off on my birthday so we can go to disneyland!

so theres an update. just so you all know, this blog is purely for you, because i hate update blogs.

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meg said...

just for now, i loove update blogs. it's nice to hear all is well and shit.