Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i found it

our favorite park. its nice to have options down here, there are like 30 parks in a 3 mile radius. i'm really excited about this park, i mean to the point that i keep on talking about it to seth and asking him to please act really really excited about it.

my reasons for loving this park are 5 fold.

1. as you can see in the above photo, there is a gate surrounding the entire play area. this is invaluable for me. because if i have to nurse, arabella cannot escape and no one could easily get her away from me.

2. the bars on the playground are really close together, so she can't fall through. which has happened.

3. i love the size of the equipment because its big enough that its fun for her, but small enough that she can do everything by herself with out risk of injury and i can see where she is at all times.

4. it only has big girl swings, so she's learned how to swing in them and loves it.

5. its super close to our house.

6. its literally two doors down from seths work, so we can go there in the evening when she starts to lose it and seth can walk to meet us!

as nothing is perfect there is one sort of downfall.. it has sand. which if you know arabella.. isn't great. on the other hand its kind of good because she's learning that sand is ok, and maybe now she wont be the freak at preschool who wont walk in the sand.


adam said...

Sounds perfect.

Flo Oakes said...

That gate alone would keep me coming back. I don't understand why all parks don't do that.

E said...

Oh man! I have big time park envy right now. I was JUST talking to another mom about how I wish parks would have fences around them, especially when they're close to streets (like the one by my house.) We were both wondering if they even exist because we've never seen them before. When watching two toddlers who are the same (non-obeying) age, this feature would be invaluable. I've just decided I want Karl to design some bad ass kid AND parent friendly park someday. There just aren't enough of them.