Friday, February 6, 2009

my brain has been microwaved.

so many of you will remember my stroller fiasco at target....

today i bought a microwave at target, put the kids in the car, got home went to unload everything and there was no microwave.

i called and the lady on the phone reassured me that i had not lost my mind, she had four kids and hers came back... 'yours will too' she said.

the week we got here seth and i took nola to pick up breakfast while my aunt watched arabella. we got to the bagel place, went inside were there for about 10 minutes while we decided what to get and ordered... then seth said 'we left nola in the car'. good thing he remembered, because i didn't even remember i had kids at that point.

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Shelley said...

I did the same thing when Emery was three months and it made me sick. My mom was watching my boys so we could go out and we had the baby. Since my husband and I never get alone time we were just so happy to be alone and Emery was so quiet and asleep. We went into an antique store and we're looking at stuff for her and still didn't even realize she was in the car till I walked by to get in and saw her in the car seat. It makes me ill just thinking about it. It's the one thing I really try to forget. It's probably crazy post part-um hormones. I know mine were the worst at that time. Hang in there!