Tuesday, February 24, 2009

themes that take me back.

these are the theme songs that make my heart warm.. do any of you remember these?

(my ultimate favorite)

ummmmm did they completely rip off....

hall and oats or what???????

i think i pretty much know EVERY word to every one of these songs.. and who couldnt LOVE the slap base on the alf theme song? i'd just like to ask.. 'what the hell happened to all our kick ass theme songs!?!?!??!' now we just get songs that are already on the radio as our themes. but back then it was heart to heart... people would write songs for that specific show (obviously except for the life goes on theme, but since its a beatles cover, doesn't count).... i miss the quality of our old theme songs... when we could watch a show and feel like time was devoted to making us feel like someone had put effort into making us feel welcome when we sat down to watch our favorite show.

obviously tv has always been a big part of my life. it was my family growing up.


Anonymous said...

i love ALL of these shows. no one ever talks about perfect strangers! i loved it!

Flo Oakes said...

Have we talked about Perfect Strangers?
It was my dad's favorite show and he taped all the episodes from like, the first 7 seasons (which I STILL have on VHS) and he cut out the show synopsis for each show every week out of TV guide and taped each one in order on the VHS sleeve/box. Josh thinks it's so gross that I love it so much.
I used to watch those tapes over and over again.
I know word of every episode by heart.

Also, I was obsessed with Alf. I had an Alf birthday party with an Alf cake and my parents got me a big Alf stuffed animal.
I gave the Alf to Karl.

Will McCabe said...

Love Cheers, reminds me of getting up late and watching with my grandpa. Saved by the Bell was always a favorite, and I admit, I even catch a re-run once or twice a year.

What a nice little stroll down memory lane!

JessicaToday said...

this awesome. but i want to know where small wonder is!
now i really feel like spending the day watching alf and perfect strangers reruns.

oldmanscribble said...

Yea! Gummy Bears!!!!

meg said...

this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVbQo3IOC_A was missing...

Gombojav Tribe said...

I always liked how The Cosby Show had a fresh song and intro every season. We couldn't wait to see what it would be each year.