Sunday, March 29, 2009

anything we can do

asians can do better.

this weekend my aunt laura took me to Olympic Spa in korea town.

before we got our treatments we soaked in the tubs and went in the saunas.
then laid on the heated floor until it was time for our treatments.

i got the:

Our Signature Darphin® Body Treatment

The ultimate moisturizing experience. We start with a full body Korean Scrub to exfoliate the skin, followed by an aromatic seaweed body shampoo. Now relax and enjoy a wonderful Darphin Aromatherapy Massage to melt all those knots away. A rejuvenating essential oil scalp massage will instantly lift your spirits. It doesn't end here, your face is then massaged with toxin releasing strokes and a purifying facial mask is applied to refresh and tighten the pores. After an aromatherapy hair shampoo and rinse, a luxurious body emulsion is soothingly applied to hydrate and moisturize. This treatment is exclusive to us and not available anywhere else.

when they do the scrub, they DO the scrub... i mean they scrubbed me in places i didn't even know needed to be scrubbed.
it was soooo amazing to be touched in a non-sexual non-'mommmmmmy hold me!!!' way... it was amazing to be touched in places i'm never touched.

i felt like... well.. a goddess when i was done, and my skin insanely smooth.

at korean spa's everyone is naked and let me tell you, it was the most liberating wonderful thing since childbirth. i dont know if as i get older i'm getting more feminist or more lesbian... i think feminist ;)

but seriously just seeing all different shapes and sizes of women... i loved seeing all the different boobs, butts... who shaved, who didn't. i probably sound totally creepy, but its just not a sexual thing... its so interesting to see that many different women. women are beautiful, we are so amazing, so strong. i've been a fan of women in the sense that we are strong, we are fierce, we love deeply and truly, we fight hard, and we are sensitive and peaceful, sweet and meek... and now i have a new found awe for our bodies, they really are gorgeous... every shape, every kind. the older korean women sat by a long trough with running water and scrubbed each other and rinsed with bowls. it was so sweet the way they scrubbed each other.... i felt the same way watching them that i felt when i had a midwife taking care of me.

the best part about the whole thing, is that its wild cheap.

i will be returning once a month for a body scrub and to go in the tubs for SURE.
only $25!?!??! insanely worth it.

i could definitely spend a whole day there easy... but half a day was just what i needed....

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Sarah Corbett said...

I need to go there SOON! It sounds so amazing. I need to read that "menu" you gave me.