Thursday, July 23, 2009

no, you dont look like an ass.

no offense to anyone i know who has these cars.
it will be apparent in this post that i disapprove of your taste,
but what are you gonna do you know? you probably hate mine too.

so, it was bad enough that these two cars were invented.
i mean bad enough for the sake of our society's judgment in what looks good...
because it could only be downhill from here right?
(i should have known).

(hint to pt cruiser owners: IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE YOU ARE DRIVING AN OLD CAR)

downhill it went.

now we have the nissan cube, and oh. my. god.

it was stressful that this car was invented.

it was more stressful that their commercials called it a 'mobile device'.

but the most stressful part of all?

the fact that i have seen a few of these on the road, which can only mean one thing...

people have bought them!!!!!!


we might as well start driving around huge crocks with wheels,
cause that's sure as hell where we're headed.


MEGAN said...

Did you buy a nissan cube, or is it just a rental?

Steph said...

I agree 110%. I call all those ugly little square things "toaster cars."

Not for me thank you!

JessicaToday said...

"we might as well start driving around huge crocks with wheels"
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I just spit my coffee out all over my monitor that was fucking hilarious.

kimberlea said...

A couple of years ago I got in a car accident and was forced to drive the rental car provided for me by the other driver's insurance...a PT Cruiser. What could make it worse?...painting it bright blue. Humiliating.

lana bear said...

i love you. i mean, i love this post. sometimes i feel like you're in my head.

-bobby- said...

oh come on! the speakers light up and stuff!!!! they are ultra ├╝ber mega mega cool... besides the fact that theses little square babies look EXACTLY like a car designed by a second grader these are the hottest things out there on the road today... and for those of you who shun elegance and style and aerodynamics the Nissan "Cube" has the exact shape of the craniums of those who buy them... my dream is to snap a photograph of the elusive mullet wearing southerner who drives one of these dream machines tricked out to the max with all the available gewgaws...

meg said...

ahahahaahaa crocks...with wheels. priceless

meg said...

Megan - she doesn't HAVE a cube, she's saying now WE have the cube, as in the world.

becka said...

Hahaha, the crocs. That was too good. I hate, hate all these cars and especially the pretend old Cruiser. Who do they think they're kidding?

Daniel said...

I was one given a Neon Purple PT Cruiser for a rental in Miami, FL. I figured, might as well own it, so I took of my shirt and drove around in it all day with Vanilla Ice playing at full volume and the windows down.