Thursday, July 30, 2009

straight trippin

ok, this is going to be a lot of awkward pictures of myself, taken by myself and a few of other people i love....

getting my first taste of freedom as i leave my driveway... i'm seriously the biggest dork.

this is just when jesus came back on my way through santa barbara.

when i got into san luis on thursday night i went to a friends show at downtown brew. flo, deborah, elissa, and her friend came with me. there was MUCH hardcore dancing... (not by us)... although we loved it.

how sweaty and dirty do i already look at this point!? ahaha

friday morning i went to erin's baby shower, it was GORGEOUS. i dont think flo and i combined could have made it as beautiful as the lovely ladies who put it on for our sweet friend.

friday night i went to dinner at windows on the water to see my cute little sister work as a mini chef! my aunt laura took me out and got me good wine and delicious food. perfect.

saturday i went downtown, tried to write, and started reading The reader instead. then i went to thai food for lunch all by myself!

after lunch i went to the beach.

this ones borderline awkward but its here nonetheless. dont worry, i know i look SUPER skin here, but i was laying down and also i've gained like 30 pounds since i came home. seriously.

sunday i went to mercy for just worship because i had missed it last week. no pictures but you get the idea. it was fun, that's for sure. after worship flo and i went to the park, then i had lunch with my midwife, i LOVE her. she's moving to texas :( crazy. after lunch i went to a movie with my sister, The Ugly Truth... and i just need to say that katherine heigl's make up in that movie was so horrific i barely knew what the movie was even about. it was so distractingly ugly. then to the biermanns for a bbq and to watch The Reader since i had just read it (all this talking about reading The Reader is making me uncomfortable... silly).

monday i pinned down the elusive yankee for sandwiches and beer at gus's deli. soo delish its ridic. then i was back at the beach! it was crazy to just lay around at the beach for hours with no one to chase. i can't believe some people just get to do that whenever they want.....

this is the point where i was totally beyond make up and showers.

monday night we had a lady's bachelorette finale watching night and it was great, even though my heart broke just a little bit when she denied reid :(

tuesday morning i went to coffee with carissas mom, it was so nice. i missed meeting little anika jane because her ETA was bumped to 1030, i'm still so sad about it.. but i had to be back at lunchtime for my sweeties.

after coffee i left in a rush for home. this trip was amazing and something i needed really really bad, but it was even more amazing to see those three smiling faces when i walked in the door. i missed them to pieces!


meg said...

I love it all, espesh that awkward picture of your middle section.

Flo Paris Oakes said...

I love this post. Everything about it. So sweet.
I was SOOOO glad to see you for a few days, especially since this is the first time we've really hung out, um, EVER where one of us hasn't been pregnant, hormonal, nursing, or all of the above.
I like this version of us much better.
Just a coupla hot moms.

Anyhoo, I love you and already miss you but I'm glad I'll see you again before I leave:)

Amanda said...

I hope you realize how lucky you are to be able to get away, by yourself, without kids that long!!!! I am soooo jealous!!

skylana said...

I am lucky, but at the same time I haven't gone ANYWHERE by myself the past four years. I've either been home alone while seths away, home with Seth, home with Seth and the girls or home with girls without Seth. So it was about time. I'm looking forward to doing it again in another four years ;)