Monday, August 10, 2009

just some pictures.

best friends. how's noah's diap? haha poor saggy babe.

ara "sleeping" on her pool floatie.

the face clover makes ALL the time now. i LOVE it.

arabella is so pretty these days. its crazy.

lola and her long eyelashes.

ara asked me to take a picture of her and her "donkey".

and my pretty little tan family.

i'm so thankful for this family. lately every night after ara goes to bed i just cry because i miss her. i've needed her face SO badly lately. she's the only thing that's been able to really make me feel happy and ok. tonight is the first night in almost a week i haven't crawled into my bed and cried after she's asleep.


Anonymous said...

Your girls are so cute!

Amanda said...

The last paragraph is so sweet. I think that it is awesome.

meg said...

that last photo breaks my heart, they're all holding hands!