Saturday, August 1, 2009


i was staying at lane and erins house. erin was reading some new book from the twilight series that doesn't exist in real life... she kept telling me there was this character in it that she knew was my soul mate.. that he had long black hair (grooooossssss) and was just like our friend jake (but in my dream it was not jacob black). i was like "uhhhhh what?! then why would he be my soulmate!?"... then we were all sitting in the living room and her and lane were telling me that our friend jake was in love with me. i was like 'no, that's really weird and no, no, no, no... he would never be that way to me, that's super weird.' and they were just CONVINCED he was... they were telling me how whenever they watch videos of me at their house (uh.... this does NOT happen in real life) that they could tell he was super obsessed with me so i needed to be careful with him... i was like 'well, i dont ever talk to him, so i think we're good...' then erin had to leave to take food and cake she had made for this youth group to an event... the whole time she was gone i hung out with all our girlfriends and was explaining why girls dont like me, uh except for all of them. she was gone for a super long time and called me on her way back. right when she was going to get home seth was going to be there to pick me up. she said she had gotten lost and it had taken her 7 hours to get there. in my dream they lived in kentucky. she told me that everyone liked her cake but said it didn't taste like carrot cake, it tasted like Oxycontin. i was like 'why do people at that youth group know what Oxycontin tastes like!?' she brought it home and sure enough, it tasted just like Oxycontin, which somehow i knew in my dream.

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Erin said...

OOOHHHHH MY GOSH!!!! That is a super crazy dream! !! And sick! An oxycontin cake.