Thursday, September 10, 2009

back to school

last night was our first back to school night ever.

i'm surprised i wasn't just a melted puddle on the floor by the end because the cuteness was just a ridiculous amount of too much.

it was so cute to be in that room that she is so familiar with, a place she loves so much, that makes her so happy. to be with her teachers, who she ADORES. the whole time i was just trying to look at everything through her perspective.

looking at all the little lessons on the walls, down super low so those little miniature people could see them, was too much. she had made a paper person with yarn hair that was supposed to be her. she had blonde hair and purple pants and a purple shirt on. she was one of the only girls with pants on. haha.

her school is SO amazing, i'm so thankful for them. they love kids an amazing amount and they put EVERYTHING they have into teaching and caring for all the children. i love how clean and organized they are, how attentive, how sensitive to the kids, how mellow and peaceful, how creative, and how excited they are about teaching my baby. i know she started at the best possible place she could have. i feel like she's got a good advantage just because of the school she's in. it may just be preschool but its important, so much is being formed in them right now and i just love feeling completely secure with the people who are teaching her.

they're constantly telling me how great she does, how ahead of everything she is, how on top of the lessons she is, what a leader she is, and how she hasn't had one moment of "transition" as they call it... (which means a hard time, from being dropped off, or changing classes etc) she all around one hundred percent enjoys school.

its beyond words to hear about all their little friendships forming and how the girls LOVE each other and are all calling each other "best friends" every day. i'm so excited that she finally has a lot of friends surrounding her each day. ... and she has friends who like to hug and tackle her as well... which if you know ara is BIG for her. usually she's the one tackling with the other running away in fear. she gets a lot of mutual hugs and tackles at school! yay!

and not to get all mushy, but it kind of made me like kids in general for that hour that i was there sitting in that tiny, tiny, tiny chair. woa.

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