Wednesday, September 16, 2009

dead as a doornail

so i told you i was reading the sookie stackhouse novels about 2 weeks ago. everyone wanted to know if i liked them. i'm halfway through book five, in two weeks. so, yes. there's drama, murder, sex, fantasy..... things i didn't know i liked in books until i met twilight. they're definitely more dirty and scandalous than twilight... which is good and bad. i like scandalous and i like dirty, but not dirty south so much. they're a bit cheesy and its hard to come to terms with the southern aspect of it, especially the bad dressing, but when i get past that i really like them. they're very entertaining.

it was really funny because lately everytime seth comes home and i'm reading, when he walks in the door i jump... and he's been feeling like there's something wrong or somethings on my mind... we talked about it today and he realized that its all because i'm so into these intense books. i jump every time he walks in because there's pretty much someone being murdered on every page.. haha.

i've got 4 and a half books left and i want to finish them ASAP because i'd really like to be reading along with oprahs bookclub... and she's anouncing the new pick this friday.... so i'm gonna try and at least finish this book tonight. i hope!


meg said...

I'm assuming this series is connected to the series, "True Blood" have you watched any of the episodes?

skylana said...

yes, true blood. i haven't watched them cause i want to read it all first.

meg said...

we watched the first season. I should read the books...but the show is good. She wears white Keds ALL THE TIME