Sunday, November 22, 2009

hello again creepy internet world!

its been a while.

life got pretty crazy for a while, but the past month and a half has been very peaceful and sweet.

i'm finally back to myself. no post partum depression, no quarter-life crisis.

for the first time since arabella was born i feel completely happy to be a mother. i love staying at home with them and i enjoy every moment i have with them. its an amazing feeling and one i've wanted to feel since i got pregnant.

seth and i are doing so well, i'm so thankful for him and so, SO, glad we are through everything this year has had to offer us. yuck.

seth has been working on some music videos and i will be launching them on my blog very soon. i want to write about the songs because they are basically our story mapped out in an album, some not on purpose. this album means more to me than anything seth has written and i love every song that sings of us, the good and the bad.

so stay tuned, cause i'm back in action and there will be some super sweet lakes videos in the near future!


ohhellocupcake said...

awww, your photo is similar to the one mike and i are using for our christmas cards this year. so cute!

welcome back. ; )

kimberlea said...

New Lakes?!?! Yes please.

A thankful heart said...

Um...yeah, I heard some of them (from Matt, obviously) And I love them too...the good the bad and the ugly. They're beautiful and I'm so glad to see you as a family on the other side of it all! Congratulations to being past the ppd!! That's huge and hopefully life can be beautiful and wonderful now!! Love you sweet four!!

Mother Victorious said...

ahh, good to see you back.

Mother Victorious said...

ahh, good to see you back.

Mrs. Warren said...

definitely glad to see you back in the creepy internet world. your divergent world view was sorely missed.