Thursday, December 31, 2009

my daughter is so cool

i'm getting really excited as i'm starting to see the things we are teaching ara come out of her.

i have said before how we dont want to teach her that any religion is "right" or that she has to look at god or people any certain way, except for with love and acceptance.

i love that she got to celebrate christmas and hannukah and was excited about both. i love that she understands that boys can marry girls or boys, that girls can marry boys or girls. i love that she recognizes that papa and grandma and paki pray to jesus and mama doesn't, and both are just great. i love that she makes up songs about "kindness and beauty" (thanks to the snow lion, her absolute favorite new book)and pretends her doll is doing yoga. i love that she sings He's Got the Whole World in His Hands all the time. i love that it doesn't shock her to know some kids have no parents, some have a mama and papa and some have only one. some have two mama's some have two papa's... its all ok to her, people are different and it seems like she expects them to be.

its amazing to see what a little person can understand, to see the kind of love, compassion, tolerance and understanding that comes naturally to them and flourishes when nurtured. i love seeing this little person who has no stereotypes etched in her mind yet and no prejudice and no hate and the way she looks at people. in her eyes we really are all the same. i dont deserve anything more than anyone else and neither does she. she doesn't have to be an adult to get that we all need and deserve love and that its ok that we are all different. to me it seems like those are the ideals that come naturally to her and i get to reinforce them. when people being different than you isn't something you think you have to feel threatened by you are able to accept, love and learn from people more readily... that's what i want for her and i can see that's where she's headed.

it makes me so excited to see the kind of woman she is going to grow up to be. full of love. someone everyone wants to be around because they know when they're around her they'll be accepted and loved.


Elissa said...

so so so beautiful... really amazing... good job mama! (and papa) :)

meg said...

I'm really happy that you write these kinds of posts about your girls, and not only for the selfish reason I have in wanting to know them, but b/c your ability to reflect on who they are as individuals will make you a better mother of teenagers and adults.

I see you finding an identity in being a wife and a mother, but it isn't all of your identity and that's definitely something I want to maintain in my life. So props

lana bear said...

awesome! good job! I think you're doing a wonderful thing for your daughter, and for the future generation by teaching her these things.