Friday, December 11, 2009

my one friend... here.

when i moved down here the first person i hung out with was sarah. she was friends with my aunt, yes my aunt, when they were in high school. she's not crazy old, my aunt is crazy young to be my aunt. anyway... just a few months or so before i moved we had become friends on facebook and she had read my blog and still wanted to know me... so i thought that must mean something.

knowing that she had read every crazy word i had said and still wanted to hang out made me feel like i was safe. i remember the first day i went there. i was so nervous sitting on her couch talking. just worried that we would hit it off in real life and that we'd actually be friends.

i LOVED her.

we were kind of inseparable from then on out. we hung out almost everyday. our kids kind of really loved each other and kind of really hated each other. i think they're truly starting to love each other now.

sarah is an AMAZING friend. i was scared going into our friendship because people have turned on me on more than one occasion... but sarah, she would NEVER. she is so beyond understanding of me its ridiculous. i never ever feel like she judges me or questions me or thinks i'm stupid or ridiculous. no matter if she agrees with me or not i always feel like she supports me. because she does. in every situation she is my friend, in the truest sense of the word and i know she is always behind me. she is really giving. she would do anything for her friends and would never expect anything in return. she's hilarious. i dont think that many people are funny, but she is. sarcasm and dry humor and i love it. shes really fun. every time i go out with her i have the best time. she's not dramatic about ANYTHING. shes one of the only friends i hang out with in real life that believes the same things i do about god and humanity etc. which is nice for a change :)

i love being her friend because she's the kind of person who i can laugh with and be stupid with, who i can talk to about superficial things and gossip with, and she's also the kind of person who i can call when tragedy strikes and i need a friend.

she's a really great mom, a really great cook and a really great photographer.

she's the kind of friend that i can not hang out with for a few weeks or months and when we do, we'll pick up right where we left off.

i feel so comfortable with her, like i have known her my whole life.

i'm so thankful i met her. i may only have one friend in my town but she's one of the best friends i've ever had.

we've almost been friends for a year now and i never thought that my aunts highschool buddy would become one of my very dearest friends, but i'm so glad she did.


Sarah Corbett said...

thank you

i love you skylana, and i'm so glad that you've let me into your life the way that you have. i've seen you go through a lot this past year, and i have to say that i'm lucky to be a part of it. it's refreshing to meet people that you know will be a part of your life forever (even if you move to TN someday)
i can't tell you how happy i am that miles and ara love eachother again. it makes life so much more pleasant when we can hang out without yelling at our kids! i adore your family & i'm so happy that you'll be just down the street from me in a couple weeks.

Flo Paris Oakes said...

I just realized I never got to meet her when I visited this summer like I imagined I would.
Weren't we supposed to have an L.A. style ladies night?? Whoops.
Anyway, I understand SO much what it's like to move away and look for friends in a new place, and I'm SO SO happy you found her!