Wednesday, October 27, 2010

day three, two outfits

before my shower, going to drop off my 3 year old at preschool.

sweater & dress: anthropologie
moccaboots: rose bowl swap meet
scarf: thrifted

after my shower, ready for a scrabble date with my boyfriend.

tank top & necklace: anthropologie
skirt: gift from my sweet andy (good job huh!?!?) from a little vintage shop in venice called Ms. Vintage
shoes: target, like a billion years ago.

shirt: santa monica antique market
shorts: target

shirt: bess hunter gerig
pants: target


hillary tish said...

u all look fabulous! nola totally reminds me of the little baby in like old 50's kids books like Dick and Jane! such a cutie!

Flo Paris Oakes said...

Those are the target shoes I had the white version of! AW that makes me miss our SLO days being preggs together:(
LOVE that last skirt. And Nola looks like a little old fashioned baby. Cutest.

Carrie said...

That skirt is AWESOME!!

Mrs. Blimes said...

OKAY MUST have those boots! Where did you get them!?! And that white dress...ahhh I'm in love!

Molly said...

Your "pre-shower" boots are epic. I'm pretty much in love with your style!
Probably one of my favorites of the week.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

bebe bird beck said...

You are so beautiful!!
I love both outfits. So perfect.
I want those boots!!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE both outfits. your boots in outfit 1 are amazing and your dress in outfit 2 is gorgeous.

your kiddos are pretty beautiful too!

skylana said...

go to swap meets ladies! they have TONS of moccasins and moccaboots there! mine were $15 at the rose bowl swap... and there's a vendor who goes all the time with like hundreds of moccasins.

and the dress is anthropologie, they have awesome sales if you just wait on that $150 dress long enough it'll be like $40 at some point :/

Bevin Albright said...

You look beautiful in both outfits. I love the boots from the first and the skirt in the second is amazing! Gorgeous!
♥/Bevin @All is Bright

E said...

I love both looks. The skirt is gorgeous.

KristinChaos said...

I've missed your posts previous days but I'm glad I found you now! All of your outfits have been perfect!

Erin said...

I saw your link on Emery's blog. You three look lovely!

Rachael said...

Dang! How'd I miss this? You look great in both outfits but I'm DROOOLING over the second one. What a gorgeous skirt!

anandaletícia. said...

"I-I love u like a love song baby"