Wednesday, March 12, 2008


so i'm done on myspace, cause its weird. i got an email that said someone on my friendster list was having a birthday.... i haven't been on friendster in like 4 years or something ridiculous... anyway it was like a time capsule and i didn't change a thing, because i love that time of my life .... i miss it so much and i can't go back, but for the first time in a while i really felt like i was back there.... oh friendster.


A thankful heart said...

hey skylana! i didn't know you blogged until i went to write you a "myspace message" and you said you quite! so how are you guys?? i miss you and would loooove to get together some time! let me know when you guys are free!!sosoKen

Flo Oakes said...

Bloggity blog blog blog.
I know you'll probably choose myspace. I still like blogger better.
Blog blog blog.