Friday, April 4, 2008

good day

i had a really good day today. i’m so happy because i’ve just been feeling so crappy lately and today seth had to go to LA so i was worried about how well i’d be coping by the end of the day with arabella since she’s been having defiance issues and ive been feeling terrible.... BUT today was great.... we left the house at 1030 got to slo, ara was asleep i got her in the ergo got food at firestone, took it to the park at my moms work by 1130 ate and let her run around in the grass, my mom came at 12 and ate and played with ara til 1... we went to get gas then went to old navy to spend a gift card i got from my bf flo... i got a shirt then went to its a grind my fav coffee place and got myself a suuuuuuuuuper special treat.... we left san luis came home and ara and i took a nap from 230 till 430! when she woke up we went shopping with seth’s mom and then had dinner at their house... we got home a little while ago and ara’s in bed. i didn’t feel lethargic, sick or ridiculously tired all day, plus all the meals i had i actually really liked and wanted (which for a pregnant person is a miracle)! and i had so much patience for arabella... and the best time reading her two books before putting her to bed.

that is what i call the grace of God.

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