Tuesday, April 29, 2008


so we went to the doctor today and im ok, i was feeling better today than yesterday but i still wanted to get checked out cause the last thing i had felt was deep chest phlegm. yuck. ara on the other hand has bronchitis and dr bravo seemed a little surprised at how much crap was in her chest.... he was sooooo sweet, he gave us the visit on the house because he knows ara is on temporary insurance right now so we would have had to just fully pay for the visit.... and he was like 'well she never gets sick :) and you're good people' hahha so cute. he gave her amoxocilin which i'm not into antibiotics, but i know she needed something, cause she's been livin on the edge and even though bless her heart, she hasn't been grumpy AT ALL everything about her shows me she feels absolutely terrible. plus i'd rather clear this up and not move into pneumonia.... anyway i'm really excited for her to start to feel better. so that's the sitch. i'm feeling better... she will be soon... seth is starting to get sick, but we're just hopin and prayin he doesn't get it as bad as the two of us....

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