Sunday, April 27, 2008

going out

we tried to go out today because i have been in the house for 6 days straight, in bed.... and we thought maybe fresh air and the sunshine would help.... i felt sick to my stomach, weak, shaky legs, and like i was going to faint. it was nice sitting in the shade for a bit, but it left me feeling more sick overall. bummer. i thought we'd go out and the sun would heal us all and we'd be laughing and dancing by the end of the day. i dont know what to do, is this how the flu normally is? i've never had it.... poor ara is sick too, i dont know if i wrote this she got a 102.3 fever on friday night i think it was and its been waning back and forth between that and the 99s. poor muffin. she looks crazy and just wants to sleep so much. we're just keeping her super super hydrated and giving her remedies and some tylenol here and there when the fever spikes. seth's starting to get sick too, i'm praying desperately that he would only get a cold and not this full on thing that i have or we'll be screwed. good thing we dont have two kids yet, we'd die.


Anonymous said...

im usually just a lurker on your blog, but i feel the need to comment now

im a student in virology and i wanted to warn you against the risk of Reye's syndrome.
its a serious complication that affects mostly children (weaker immune system) when they are already infected with viral diseases like the flu (caused by the influenza virus -- of the family orthomyxoviridae) or chicken pox.
the chances of them getting Reye's syndrome is amplified when they are administered acetaminophen based medication (like aspirin or tylenol)therfore these should be avoided when treating the flu in young children

do what you want with this information, as i am not doubting your parenting skills, i do believe you want the best for your children and thought you might be unaware of such indications.
you can also check the wikipedia page for this syndrome (here : but i did not find it thorough...

i hope you and your daughter get well soon


Gombojav Tribe said...

Hi Skylana! Just wanted to set your mind at ease that 102 fever is not really high for a child. My children have gotten up to 105 and been fine. I rarely, if ever, have found it necessary to lower a fever with meds. Fevers are natures way of burning off infections. So, for the most part I let nature have its way.

Hope you are feeling better by now.

Love and Blessings,

skylana said...

hey all, yea that's crazy about the reyes syndrome.... i'm definitely really really stingy in my giving of tylenol but i could tell not only that she had the fever but she was in pain.... and i know 102 isn't super high, i of course looked up everything... and gave her remedies most of the time.... i was more concerned about her feeling as comfortable as possible than the small amount of tylenol i would be giving her in one of the very very few times i will in her lifetime....