Sunday, April 13, 2008


so since i've had arabella i haven't cared about music anymore. i used to love music and love hearing new things, and after i had her it was like nothing really impressed me... which can be frustrating and sad for seth sometimes cause he loves finding new music and he wants to show me but it doesn't excite me.... anyway i just have found music to be flat then last night i went to a concert with my mom to see the wailing jennys and it was amazing and i got that old feeling and my eyes welled up with tears because its not that music doesn't mean anything to me, i love music, its just harder to get to my heart with it.... but folk and bluegrass always get to me, especially live.... anyway it was so nice to feel that again and i just really really really love folk and bluegrass music.... patty griffin, the smith sisters, alison krauss and union station, nickel creek, dixie chicks (mostly their latest cd) emmy lou harris.. etc... nothing can make me feel like this music can. i love it.

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