Friday, April 11, 2008

i think i just puked in my mouth a little

i'm in shock that this website even exsists, and that i think its serious...!!!!

i saw it on a blog of blog... ha like that? friend of a friend....

anyway i saw it cause there's this video that all these people think is crazy about oprah, that i think is just silly.... but its funny cause they are all saying how its so shocking to hear these things about oprah and how its so dangerous to watch her show if you aren't 'rooted in the truth' which is a whole other subject i dont understand believing you somehow obtained this truth that others can't understand.....

do they really not see the danger in a website called got tube? there even being a website like that is what makes me sick to my stomach.

christians, what have we done? how far will we go?

we already exploit a man who went through more than we could ever begin to imagine to bring us life and love, we sell his name, we use his name to achieve our own selfish goals, we use his name to shame and condemn others, now we are separating ourselves from people so much so that every website the so called 'secular' people have, we have to have our own? its not even real life!!! i love jesus, i am amazed by who he was and is, i dont know if he is the only way to know who God is but i do think we should live and love like him, i fail all the time but it is what i desire. christians lets start living like jesus and stop acting like the pharasies.


A thankful heart said...

interesting wesites...i had never heard of them, but i agree with what you said about them..i had only just heard about the oprah thing too, but don't get it totally?! she started a church or religion or what?? not sure...but i'm not shocked in the slightest.. should we be...she's probably the most powerful or influential woman in American history..

..i'm a tad confused by your position on "Chistianity" or faith in God....or whatever you believe...but i actually do agree with you on some level about some of what you wrote. i really want to hang out some time...maybe a day rex has off we can hang out... then that's two less energetic children:)

Soderin Family said...

Thanks for being honest and sharing your thoughts. I really think it's okay for Christians to diagree. It good to get one another thinking and talking. To break out of our "bubble" mentality. It's a good thing that none of us are perfect. What would we need Jesus for?

skylana said...

kendall... haha.. yea i'm confused about my position on christianity.. i do not call myself a christian because i think the words meaning has changed so much that its not what i would relate myself to or what i would call myself... i dont think the word means what jesus came here for either. i believe jesus was an amazing man, i dont know if he was God but he definitely deserves our respect, and especially if people believe he is God it shocks me that they would mock him and not even see that that's what is happening (such as the parable).... i find it super super weird.

soderin fam- anytime, believe me, anytime.... i dont mind being honest, its the best thing about me and the worst... i do think its fine for people to disagree, but i do find it very sad that christians have become so disconnected, and have made a religion all their own in jesus name, something that if you really look at his life, he would never be a part of.

Daniel said...

nice. the blog world is a strange and small place ;-) glad to see you're a part of it.